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Cybergeddon: Why The Internet Could Be The Next “Failed State”







” In the New York City of the late 1970s, things looked bad. The city government was bankrupt, urban blight was rampant, and crime was high. But people still went to the city every day because that was where everything was happening. And despite the foreboding feelings hanging over New York at the time, the vast majority of those people had at most minor brushes with crime.

  Today, we all dabble in some place that looks a lot like 1970s New York City—the Internet. (For those needing a more recent simile, think the Baltimore of The Wire). Low-level crime remains rampant, while increasingly sophisticated crime syndicates go after big scores. There is a cacophony of hateful speech, vice of every kind (see Rule 34), and policemen of various sorts trying to keep a lid on all of it—or at least, trying to keep the chaos away from most law-abiding citizens. But people still use the Internet every day, though the ones who consider themselves “street smart” do so with varying levels of defenses installed. Things sort of work.

  Just like 1970s New York, however, there’s a pervasive feeling that everything could go completely to hell with the slightest push—into a place to be escaped from with the aid of a digital Snake Plissken. In other words, the Internet might soon look less like 1970s New York and more like 1990s Mogadishu: warring factions destroying the most fundamental of services, “security zones” reducing or eliminating free movement, and security costs making it prohibitive for anyone but the most well-funded operations to do business without becoming a “soft target” for political or economic gain.

  That day is not yet nigh, but logic suggests the status quo can’t continue forever. The recent rash of major breaches of corporate networks, including the theft of personal information from the health insurer Anthem and the theft of as much as a billion dollars from over 100 banks are symptoms of a much larger trend of cybercrime and espionage. And while the issue has been once again raised to national importance by the White House, it could be argued that governments have done more to exacerbate the problem than address it. Fears of digital warfare and crime are shifting budget priorities, funding the rapid expansion of the security industry and being used as a reason for proposals for new laws and policy that could reshape the Internet.

“ If we think our kids and grandkids are going to have as awesome and free an Internet as the one we have, we really have to look at why we think that,” Jason Healey, director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council of the United States, told Ars.”


Read the whole thing at ArsTechnica













Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Net Neutrality




Published on Jun 1, 2014

” Cable companies are trying to create an unequal playing field for internet speeds, but they’re doing it so boringly that most news outlets aren’t covering it. 
John Oliver explains the controversy and lets viewers know how they can voice their displeasure to the FCC.”













NBC: All Visitors To Sochi Olympics Immediately Hacked



The major news networks all reported on the hacking threat at Sochi …


CBS: Sochi 2014: Privacy and hacking at the Olympic Games

ABC: The Other Sochi Threat: Russian Spies, Mobsters Hacking Your Smartphones

Forbes: Mobile Hacking Fears Beset Visitors To Sochi Olympics

US News: Olympics Pose Threats of Hacking, Spying


  These reports , on the other hand , suggest that NBC’s report is exaggerated , if not down right wrong …


Yahoo News: Security expert calls out NBC’s whiny report on Sochi Olympics hacking

Latin Post: NBC’s Sochi Hacking Report Misleading, Says Computer Expert From Report and Others

BSN: NBC’s Ironic Mainstream Hacking Sensationalism ‘News’ in Sochi




Wherein lies the truth ? We don’t know . If anyone can offer us a first-hand report we will be glad to publish it .



HT/Western Center For Journalism

All The Privacy Solutions You Hear About Are On The Wrong Track


Wes Lang


” In 1967, The Public Interest, then a leading venue for highbrow policy debate, published a provocative essay by Paul Baran, one of the fathers of the data transmission method known as packet switching. Titled “The Future Computer Utility,” the essay speculated that someday a few big, centralized computers would provide “information processing … the same way one now buys electricity.”

Our home computer console will be used to send and receive messages—like telegrams. We could check to see whether the local department store has the advertised sports shirt in stock in the desired color and size. We could ask when delivery would be guaranteed, if we ordered. The information would be up-to-the-minute and accurate. We could pay our bills and compute our taxes via the console. We would ask questions and receive answers from “information banks”—automated versions of today’s libraries. We would obtain up-to-the-minute listing of all television and radio programs … The computer could, itself, send a message to remind us of an impending anniversary and save us from the disastrous consequences of forgetfulness.

It took decades for cloud computing to fulfill Baran’s vision. But he was prescient enough to worry that utility computing would need its own regulatory model. Here was an employee of the RAND Corporation—hardly a redoubt of Marxist thought—fretting about the concentration of market power in the hands of large computer utilities and demanding state intervention. Baran also wanted policies that could “offer maximum protection to the preservation of the rights of privacy of information”:

Highly sensitive personal and important business information will be stored in many of the contemplated systems … At present, nothing more than trust—or, at best, a lack of technical sophistication—stands in the way of a would-be eavesdropper … Today we lack the mechanisms to insure adequate safeguards. Because of the difficulty in rebuilding complex systems to incorporate safeguards at a later date, it appears desirable to anticipate these problems.

Sharp, bullshit-free analysis: techno-futurism has been in decline ever since.”









Ridicule … Our Government’s Most Dependable Byproduct



Here’s a taste of the shutdown humor on display the past couple of weeks .


6. Mount Rushmore Was Closed





10. But at least the Canadian side was open





The Examiner has the rest








66% Of Internet Users In 1996 Were In The U.S.







” In 1996, a full 66% of Internet users lived in the U.S. Seventeen years later, the country is only home to 13% of Internet users.”










The BRICS “Independent Internet” Cable. In Defiance Of The “US-Centric Internet”



” The President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff announces publicly the creation of a world internet system INDEPENDENT from US and Britain ( the “US-centric internet”).

Not many understand that, while the immediate trigger for the decision (coupled with the cancellation of a summit with the US president) was the revelations on NSA spying, the reason why Rousseff can take such a historic step is that the alternative infrastructure: The BRICS cable from Vladivostock, Russia  to Shantou, China to Chennai, India  to Cape Town, South Africa  to Fortaleza, Brazil,  is being built and it’s, actually, in its final phase of implementation.

No amount of provocation and attempted “Springs” destabilizations and Color Revolution in the Middle East, Russia or Brazil can stop this process.  The huge submerged part of the BRICS plan is not yet known by the broader public.”



   When Obama promised “Hope & Change”  he didn’t say who would reap the benefits , did he ? Now we know he was really talking about the emerging markets of the world with the “west” reduced to riding in the back . No wonder the rest of the world was more enthusiastic about his presidency than were the American people .






” BRICS Cable… a 34 000 km, 2 fibre pair, 12.8 Tbit/s capacity, fibre optic cable system

      • For any global investor, there is no crisis – there is plenty of growth. It’s just not in the old world
      • BRICS is ~45% of the world’s population and ~25% of the world’s GDP
      • BRICS together create an economy the size of Italy every year… that’s the 8th largest economy in the world
      • The BRICS presents profound opportunities in global geopolitics and commerce
  • Links Russia, China, India, South Africa, Brazil – the BRICS economies – and the United States.

  • Interconnect with regional and other continental cable systems in Asia, Africa and South America for improved global coverage

  • Immediate access to 21 African countries and give those African countries access to the BRICS economies.

  • Projected ready for service date is mid to second half of 2015.”











Government Spying: 1st Verizon, Now The Internet





” Washington Post reports U.S. government able to tap the servers of nine Internet companies.”



Here is the Washington Post article: Documents: U.S. mining data from 9 leading Internet firms; companies deny knowledge


An Excerpt :


” The National Security Agency and the FBI are tapping directly into the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, extracting audio and video chats, photographs, e-mails, documents, and connection logs that enable analysts to track foreign targets, according to a top-secret document obtained by The Washington Post.

The program, code-named PRISM, has not been made public until now. It may be the first of its kind. The NSA prides itself on stealing secrets and breaking codes, and it is accustomed to corporate partnerships that help it divert data traffic or sidestep barriers. But there has never been a Google or Facebook before, and it is unlikely that there are richer troves of valuable intelligence than the ones in Silicon Valley.

If document requiring company to submit phone records for millions of Americans is authentic, it would be the broadest surveillance order known to date

Equally unusual is the way the NSA extracts what it wants, according to the document: “Collection directly from the servers of these U.S. Service Providers: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple.” “











Teen ‘Hired A Hitman To Kill His Family’


Chinese primary schoolchildren


” A teen boy turned to the Internet to hire killers to kill his family, because they were putting too much pressure on him over school studies. .

According to Guardian, the teen, from central China, has been detained because he is said to have hired hitmen to kill his dad as well as his sister because he did not agree with their strict discipline.


According to Medical Daily, the teen’s father, Gao Tianfeng, 49, and his sister, 20, were found dead inside their home.”







Anonymous Hacktivists Target MIT Websites Over Aaron Swartz Suicide




” Hackers claiming affiliation with Anonymous, a loose-knit group of internet activists, defaced pages on MIT websites, calling the case against Mr Swartz “a grotesque miscarriage of justice”.

“Whether or not the government contributed to his suicide, the government’s prosecution of Swartz was a grotesque miscarriage of justice, a distorted and perverse shadow of the justice that Aaron died fighting for – freeing the publicly-funded scientific literature from a publishing system that makes it inaccessible to most of those who paid for it – enabling the collective betterment of the world through the facilitation of sharing – an ideal that we should all support,” it said.

“Aaron’s act was undoubtedly political activism; it had tragic consequences.”

The message, labelled “in memoriam”, was posted on at least two hacked MIT web pages, but the hackers said they did not “consign blame or responsibility upon MIT for what has happened”. ”









50 Googled Women


Statism Is On the March

And if you doubt it , read on . There is an alarming increase in the demand of governments small and large , western and not to censor the information available on the web . This mushrooming desire to hide the actions of said governments from the public eye , especially in this day and age of bailouts , Solyndras and Drone hit lists should give us all pause . 

    The time for vigilance is now . As we have seen in the recent attempts by governments to pass SOPA and other information power grabs , the governments of the world no matter their political persuasion , have one universal idea in mind … that of the subjugation of the unwashed . Our Dear Leaders understand only too well what a free and unfettered exchange of information and ideas from the citizenry will do to their way of life . 


(CNN) — “Western governments, including the United States, appear to be stepping up efforts to censor Internet search results and YouTube videos, according to a “transparency report” released by Google.”


We here in America have this to contemplate from the ” most honest , ethical and open ” administration .


   “In the last half of 2011, U.S. agencies asked Google to remove 6,192 individual pieces of content from its search results, blog posts or archives of online videos, according to the report. That’s up 718% compared with the 757 such items that U.S. agencies asked Google to remove in the six months prior.”


   A cynic might think that they had something to hide at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave . Couldn’t have anything to do with a certain upcoming election , we’re sure. 

No , No , No

 It would be insane to cede control of the internet to that den of thieves , dictators and terrorists .

“A bipartisan group of lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee introduced a resolution on Wednesday urging the Obama administration to oppose efforts to give the United Nations more control over the Internet.”

  We are in serious trouble when the alleged “freedom loving” republicans controlling the House pass a snooping bill .

” Facebook and other tech companies, and various business groups support the bill. Civil
and digital liberties groups have raised objections, however, over whether the bill would
expand government surveillance of private citizens.
   The Electronic Frontier Foundation issued a condemnation of the House for its vote, and pledged to continue its fight against the legislation in the Senate.
“Hundreds of thousands of Internet users spoke out against this bill, and their numbers will only
grow as we move this debate to the Senate,” said EFF activism director Rainey Reitman in a statement issued after the House vote. “

“What’s it like taking a course with 120,000 other students?
That is one of the questions raised this spring by the debut of MITx , the Institute’s new online educational initiative. ”

“Myriam Nonaka, an electrical engineering student at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Buenos Aires, Argentina, finds 6.002x to be “very entertaining,” and singles out the course’s online discussion forum as a place “where you can share and learn.”
Indeed, the forum, where students discuss the course and offer assistance to each other, is something that almost all MITx participants cite as a defining feature of the experience. ”

—————————————————————————————————-            –

  There is nowhere to hide . The internet is/will be the greatest  tool of freedom and liberty mankind has ever seen . The possibilities are endless .
   From making higher education affordable  , crowdsourcing , Kickstarter and self-publishing , to grocery delivery , telephone calls and even entertainment like books , music , movies and radio the web offers it all , and that doesn’t even take into consideration the social side of the digital world such as Twitter , Facebook , Blogging and the myriad other means of expressing one’s self .

    Welcome to the Revolution my friends . Liberty is there for all as long as we can keep the web as it is … That means , HANDS OFF.

Yes , you know who I’m talking about .

Those sanctimonious corporate lackeys in DC and anywhere else that lesser creatures gather to try and administrate us right into the ground .
   Whether it be in Washington , Brussels , New York , Tehran , BeijingIndia or any other place with despotic ambitions , we must fight and win this struggle . Like no other war that all who yearn for human liberty have engaged in , this one has the potential for WORLD WIDE liberty , perhaps even in my lifetime . The price of losing will be as high as the potential gains would allude to ….. eternal serfdom … You read that right .
    Unless the information revolution remains/becomes UNIVERSALLY available we are doomed . Make no mistake , even if we here in the US manage to overcome the corporate rent-seekers and their toadies on Capitol Hill and preserve our internet freedoms it will be a pyrrhic victory rendering all our efforts for naught unless the rest of the world is digitally connected to us . Individually we will be stomped in succesion by the forces of World Government .

To quote Benjamin Franklin : “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately . “

Be vigilant , be vocal , be vital .                VOTE , WRITE , SHOOT


Exclusive: Extension of surveillance powers ‘a destruction of human rights’


George Orwell , Where are you ?

The new cybersecurity internet spying bill is plainly a solution? seeking a problem . You would think the SOPA fiasco would have taught them a lesson. Oh yes …. what am I saying ? The lesson for the politicians is that the entertainment industry has VERY DEEP POCKETS . Feh