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 With Guest Appearances By Joe Biden , Bill Clinton , Sarah Palin , Laura Ingraham , Michelle Malkin And More





Enjoy A Look Into The World Of The Rich and Famous 

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Check out the whole “Day At The Beach With The Obamas ” you’ll be glad you did 

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Who’s Laughing Now Punks ?



The Gatekeepers

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  This is hysterical …

  It seems Teddy Kennedy’s widow has raised the drawbridge at Camelot

” All is not calm in Camelot. A major battle is building between Ted Kennedy’s widow and his children over the establishment of
a $71 million institution in the late
senator’s honor.

  The tension centers on the construction and management of the Edward Kennedy Institute for the US Senate, a close family source tells the Boston Globe .

The extended family is also at odds with Vicki , particularly concerning the institution’s takeover of the main mansion at the Kennedy family Hyannis Port compound, which was purchased by family
patriarch Joseph Kennedy in the 1920s.

   The institute has barred use of the
mansion to family members, and is
charging them a rental fee even to use the lawn, notes the Globe. “

Texas Justice

Texas father won’t face charges in alleged attacker’s death”

Big Furry Hat Strikes Again


 She has a horsey look to her , doesn’t she ? This creation from IOTW nearly made me choke so I figure Furry won’t mind if I profit a wee bit from his nearly killing me by getting a few hits off his creativity . Thanks …. For the sore throat …. and the hits .

IOTW’s take on the Obamas wedding song .

“I Saw Her Grazing There”

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 Warning NSFW :


IOTW ‘s take on the Larry Flynt – S.E. Cupp skirmish . 

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