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Basic Errors Killing 1000 NHS Patients A Month



Iowahawk UK Healthcare Deaths




” The largest and most detailed survey into hospital deaths has revealed that almost 12,000 patients are needlessly dying every year as a result of poor patient care.

The researchers from The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine based the study on 1,000 deaths at 10 NHS trusts during 2009. The study revealed that basic errors were made in more than one in 10 cases, leading to 5.2% of deaths, which was the equivalent of nearly 12,000 preventable deaths in hospitals in England every year.

The research published in the British Medical Journal’s Quality and Safety publication found that errors occurred when hospital staff made an incorrect diagnosisprescribed the wrong drugs, failed to monitor a patient’s condition or react when a patient deteriorated. Errors in omission were more frequent than active mistakes.

The majority of patients who died were elderly suffering with multiple health conditions, but the study found that some patients whose deaths were preventable were aged in their 30s and 40s.”





I Am Proud to Lead You Men to the
Nearest Off-Ramp


“At ease, men.

As your battalion commanders and
General Axelrod have already briefed
you, you embark today on an important
mission to the Af-Pak Theater. The
success of this mission will not only
insure the future of democracy and
human civilization, but also my Gallup
net favorable index. I have every
confidence that you will succeed in this
great educational field trip, because you
represent the finest right-sized,
nonviolent time killing force ever

Arrayed behind me are the mighty
Minivans of Democracy that you will
soon be loading. These are America’s
great 5-star crash rating arsenal of
multilateral understanding. And as your
supreme commander-in-chief, it is my
great honor, privilege, and turn to serve
as your pool driver, because Michelle
has her Pilates class this afternoon. Now,
as our rendezvous with destiny
approaches, let me say that I am every
bit as proud of you fine young soldiers
and Marines as I am when I take Malia
and Sasha to gymnastics. Okay, let’s all
pair up with a buddy and line up double
file for the vans.
While everyone is buckling their safety
belts, I would like to take a few minutes
to adjust the rear view mirror and
remind you why you are going on this
mission. As I have allegedly always said,
Afghanistan is war of necessity. But as
your supreme commander, I know that
in planning wars and field trips we must
never act rashly. Remember when Mr.
Bush had that flat tire at Camp Iraq?
That is why I solicited the advice of my
top field commanders. I asked General
McChrystal what he needed from me to
show 110% commitment to mission
success. He told me 40,000 battle ready

By the way, who needs hand sanitizer?
Anybody? “



” WASHINGTON DC – Engaged in a relentless battle against time and fatigue, a select group of message scientists assembled by the White House’s Center for Narrative Control say they will take “all
steps necessary” to contain a recent
outbreak of scrutonium, a deadly poll-eating supervirus that attacks the immuno-hope system, leaving victims vulnerable to material facts.

“Failure is simply not an option,” said an exhausted Mission Chief David Axelrod. “If left unchecked, this virus may actually force us to move back to Chicago.”

Like Cars ?

Iron Invasion Hot Rod Show

  Be a part of the Iron Invasion!  October 5 – opens at 6pm to the public – 3 bands that night.  Camping overnight is OK! October 6 – Fairgrounds gates open at 6am.  Spectators can park and the show cars can stage at 6am – 7:30am.  At 7:30 am the pre registered cars can roll in and park in the show.  8am the show opens to the public and all cars can roll in.

EVERYONE pays $10 to get in.  This $10 is for a wristband that gets you in on Friday night AND Saturday.  There is NO charge to show cycles, cars, or trucks.  Kids under 12 get in FREE.  Active Military with valid ID get in FREE.  All gate proceeds go to Helping Hannahs Heart Foundation

McHenry County Fairgrounds
1050 Country Club Rd, Woodstock, IL 60098

(1 mile North of Rt 14 on Rt 47.  Turn East at Country Club Rd, come to
the furthest gate right across from 1050 Country Club road, Woodstock, IL 60098)


College students reinvent the wheel with spherical drive motorcycle


  ” A group of engineering students have designed what may be the coolest motorcycle ever, if you can even call it a motorcycle.

While at San Jose State University last spring, senior Max Ratner and a team of undergrads invented what they call the Spherical Drive System. Instead of wheels and tires the motorcycle they designed rides on spheres controlled by six motors on top of them. The result is a very radical ride can move in any direction.

The team recently completed the steel frame. This fall, they plan to start building the electrical components and finish the motor design, which is the most unique component. For the drive system to work, complex algorithms control each motor – three on each sphere. With the spheres, the team says they are “reinventing the wheel” because the bike has a new freedom of movement to zig-zag through traffic, park laterally, and even spin in place.

 “The spherical design is actively balancing all the time, which is similar to a Segway,” says Henry Li, part of the six-person engineering team. “We chose the form factor of a motorcycle because we know it can handle high-speeds, but the Segway is limited in how fast it can go.” “


 “Special Iowahawk Guest Commentary
By Barack Obama, Stargazer-in-Chief

” When I learned of the untimely passing of Neil Armstrong I was, like all Americans, deeply moved and saddened. I share your sense of loss for this American hero, even if his fame had been eclipsed by others over the years. But in our shared moment of grief, let us also celebrate his historic accomplishment in becoming the first astronaut eulogized by me, Barack Obama, our nation’s historic first African-American president.

Neil’s passing gives all of us all pause to consider deeper questions. What does it mean for the future of space exploration? How proud would Neil have been to have a famous historic president refer to him by first name? And, most importantly, how did his death inspire that historic president to make ever more gigantic leaps for mankind?”

Twitchy offers us a handy confessional where we can absolve our souls of the guilt we harbor for carrying those burdensome , troubling stories we’ve been confided of Harry Reid’s scandalous private behavior .

If you are like us we’re sure you  would like the truth .

#HeardAboutHarry: Sen. Harry Reid scandal grows; Reid still refusing to comment”

Enjoy a sampling of the sins of Harry Reid ….


Why won’t @SenatorReid try on
the blue dress for all to see, and
prove he isn’t Monica Lewinsky, ashas been claimed? #HeardAboutHarry “

Does the lack of physical evidence that
# HarryReidisaPederast
suggest a grisly cover-up? I think
it’s time to check his crawl space.”

Iowahawk on the Gospel According to Barack

  “Readings from the Book of Barack

1 In the beginning Govt created the
heavens and the earth.

2 Now the economy was formless and void, darkness was over the surface of the ATMs, and the Spirit of Govt was hovering over the land.

3 And Govt said, “Let there be spending,” and there was spending.

4 Govt saw that the spending was good, and that it separated the light from the darkness.

5 Govt called the spending Investments, and this he did in the first day.

   Some ABC quality reportage on the nationwide crime spree of Brian Ross from Iowahawk

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News’ Brian Ross a registered FL sex offender sexoffenderin.com/reg68950/ ”

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News’ Brian Ross arrested for
driving on suspended license in FL

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News’ Brian Ross arrested for being ‘habitual violator’ in SC
augustacrime.com/brian-ross/ ”

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News Brian Ross arrested in Tulsafor 2nd degree burglary, “throwing waste” at police officer tulsamugs.com/? post_date=201…”

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News’ Brian Ross arrested in TX
again for assaulting family member

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News’ Brian Ross arrested for
sexting underage girl in CA pe.com/

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
High on drugs, ABC News’ Brian Ross arrested after breaking into Maine school bangordailynews.com/2011/08/08/new…”

  David Burge should be prepping his mantle for the Pulitzer that is undoubtedly on its way … LOL

  Hell , if it’s good enough for ABC it should be good enough for anyone …

   ” “Pelosi’s Paradox” states that in order to find out what is in a health care bill, it would have to be passed,” explained physicist Steven Hawking. “But in order to be a law it would have to be constitutional, which means someone would have to know what was in it, which
would mean it couldn’t have been a bill in the first place. Think of Schroedinger’s Cat, except with a lobotomy.” “

Via Iowahawk

  “Bob, please, I’m just getting to the sale, and… oh. Are you sure? Well, okay. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry, I’m going to have to go ahead and pull the sale on that
go-kart. Apparently they were outlawed by the Comprehensive Go-Kart Emissions & Safety Act I signed 2009. “