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At Retreat, Dem Staffers Escort Reporters To Restroom




” Reporters covering the House Democrats’ retreat in Philadelphia this week are having a much different experience than when they’re on their home turf on Capitol Hill. 

  Reporters are being escorted to and from the restroom and lobby and are being barred from entering the hotel outside of scheduled events, even if they’ve been invited by a member of Congress. 

  During Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks at the retreat Friday, reporters were required to have a staff member, usually a junior member of the press team, escort them when going to the bathroom or to the lobby. The filing center for reporters was at a separate hotel from where the retreat was taking place, so access was limited to members of Congress specifically made available to the press.

It was a police state. It was absurd how heavy handed the capitol police and Democratic staff were in trying to control everywhere the press went,” New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters said in an interview.”


Read more about the media being shut out by their own home team here . The irony is delicious .
























Freedom Outpost









Congress Cancels Global Warming Hearing Because of Snowstorm




” Moments like this are why ecoscammers no longer call it “Global Warming”, but rebranded it as “Climate Change.” Because a snowstorm is climate change too, even if it keeps you from holding hearings on the effect of climate change on climate change meetings.

The snowquester has claimed yet another casualty: Wednesday’s House hearing on global warming.

The House Science, Space and Technology Committee announced early Wednesday that it’s postponing its environmental subcommittee’s scheduled 10 a.m. hearing on the state of the science behind climate change. As a reason, it cited “weather.” “



From VtheK by way of John Hawkins







” 4. “Hey, Big Bird still has a job. Isn’t that the important thing?”

5. “I am sure Obama cares deeply about your situation. Maybe he’ll send you a postcard from Hawaii.” “





Visit and read them all for a good chuckle 

The slow death of Obama’s high speed rail continues

“This July we confidently predicted that
California Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision not to
exempt President Obama’s high-speed rail
plan from the California Environmental
Quality Act marked the beginning of the slow death .

Precient yes … but better still  revel in the irony …

” Fast forward to this June when the city of
Chowchilla filed suit to stop construction of
the project alleging that the High Speed Rail
Authority failed to conduct a proper
Environmental Impact Statement pursuant
to the California Environmental Quality Act
(CEQA) and the National Environmental
Protection Act (NEPA).
Studies show that the average time to
complete the NEPA process is 6.1 years.
And NEPA is designed to be a preventative
statute. Federal courts routinely issue
injunctions to stop projects before they ever
begin. “

NY Sun on Paul Ryan’s worthiness to be an Ayn Rand disciple .

  ” Let us savor the irony of the New York Times complaining that Paul Ryan is an unworthy disciple of Ayn Rand. The irony was on display yesterday on the paper’s op-ed page, which ran out a column headlined “Atlas Spurned.” It’s by a history professor, Jennifer Burns, who reckons that Mr. Ryan has betrayed the ideas of the author of “Atlas Shrugged” by believing in God and a strong defense in the war against terror. “As a woman in a man’s world, a Jewish atheist in a country dominated by Christianity and a refugee from a totalitarian state, Rand knew it was not enough to promote individual freedom in the economic realm alone,” writes Professor Burns. “If Mr. Ryan becomes the next vice president, it wouldn’t be her dream come true, but her nightmare.”

This is almost touching. It’s probably the first time the Gray Lady has put the creator of John Galt up as a model to be emulated. When “Atlas Shrugged” was published in 1957, the Times ran out a review by Granville Hicks that complained the novel “howls in the reader’s ear” and asserted: “Loudly as Miss Rand proclaims her love of life, it seems clear that the book is written out of hate. … Perhaps most of us have moments when we feel that it might be a good idea if the whole human race, except for us and the few nice people we know, were wiped out; but one wonders about a person who sustains such a mood through the writing of 1,168 pages and some fourteen years of work.”*”

   Some ABC quality reportage on the nationwide crime spree of Brian Ross from Iowahawk

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News’ Brian Ross a registered FL sex offender sexoffenderin.com/reg68950/ ”

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News’ Brian Ross arrested for
driving on suspended license in FL

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News’ Brian Ross arrested for being ‘habitual violator’ in SC
augustacrime.com/brian-ross/ ”

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News Brian Ross arrested in Tulsafor 2nd degree burglary, “throwing waste” at police officer tulsamugs.com/? post_date=201…”

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News’ Brian Ross arrested in TX
again for assaulting family member

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
ABC News’ Brian Ross arrested for
sexting underage girl in CA pe.com/

“David Burge @iowahawkblog
High on drugs, ABC News’ Brian Ross arrested after breaking into Maine school bangordailynews.com/2011/08/08/new…”

  David Burge should be prepping his mantle for the Pulitzer that is undoubtedly on its way … LOL

  Hell , if it’s good enough for ABC it should be good enough for anyone …

Mark Steyn : …

Mark Steyn :

“In the twilight of the West, America and Europe are still different but only to this extent: They’ve wound up taking separate paths to the same destination. Whether you get there via an artificial common currency for an invented pseudo-jurisdiction or through quantitative easing and the global decline of the dollar, whether you spend your final years in the care of Medicare or the National Health Service death panels, whether higher education is just another stage of cradle-to-grave welfare or you have a trillion dollars’ worth of personal college debt, in 2012 the advanced Western social-democratic citizen looks pretty similar, whether viewed from Greece or Germany, California or Quebec.”

It seems that it is becoming a daily event . I have the pleasure to point you to yet another Twitter hashtag game .
  Gonzalo Cordova of Comedy Central complained that conservative hashtag games were ruining Twitter and that conservatives are not funny .
   Needless to say , that just opened the flood gates and now Mr Cordova is himself the subject of a conservative beatdown at :


Some samples for your amusement :

el SOOPer @SooperMexican

A pile of Rosie O’Donnell’s greasy backhair shavings #FunnierThanCordova

#FunnierThanCordova Septic tank maintenance—Cardinal ACK! (@megapotamus)

Bill Maher. In fact the only thing he is funnier than. #FunnierThanCordova

The People’s Cube @ThePeoplesCube

#FunnierThanCordova Joe Biden

As you would expect there are tons more so go have a read , a chuckle and show them who’s funnier .