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Jonathan Winters – The Best Of It’s A Mad Mad Mad World





Published on Apr 12, 2013

” A humble tribute to the comic genius of the late Mr. Winters.
Mount Yale, a Colorado 14er that became my own personal Mad World.”












Gottfried: Jonathan Winters was mad brilliant


” Jonathan Winters was not always in his right mind. I don’t mean that only in the showbiz sense, but in the mental health sense. Jonathan, who died Thursday, was a nut as a comic, but also manic depressive and was institutionalized at least once in his life. He was also brilliantly talented. And the combination of his mental troubles and amazing talent made him the legendary performer that he was. He recognized this himself, telling an NPR reporter in 2011, “I need that pain — whatever it is — to call upon it from time to time, no matter how bad it was.” ”