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Give ’em Hell , Larry

  Meet Larry Keller , a citizen that is not backing down in the face of Federal overreach and bullying tactics . We posted about this invasion/intimidation visit by armed EPA agents and we are pleased to inform you that the victim is not knuckling under to the jackboots . Read on .

   ” The North Carolina man visited by armed EPA agents after sending an email to a controversial agency official says he’s not satisfied with the explanations about what he considers an excessive response and that he wants changes to agency policies and procedures.

“This isn’t over,” Keller said.

He told Fox News.com that Environmental Protection Agency officials have said the agency followed procedures and that the agents acted appropriately during their visit last month. However, Keller is still invited to come to EPA headquarters to discuss the situation.

Keller said he’s not willing to come to Washington without knowing what will be discussed.

The incident unfolded after Keller sent an email April 27 to the EPA to try to reach Al Armendariz — a regional administrator who was under fire for a YouTube video post days earlier in which he said his enforcement strategy was to “crucify” executives from big oil and gas companies . “

  The time for reining in the out of control bureaucracy is upon us . I always had the impression that it was Congress’ job to make laws . As law enforcement proliferates , our liberties diminish . It is only a matter of time before the next Ruby Ridge or Waco . The militarization of the domestic peace officer corp is quickly morphing into an ” internal security ” force and you know what kind of society needs/produces that . 


    “In one of the most blatant moves by the BATFE, they are now deciding on what shotguns they want to outlaw that are currently available to citizens.  In a recent report from the Greeley Gazette, they announce their plans to deprive the American people of our right to bear shotguns with certain features. As if the words, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” have no meaning, the BATFE is now taking the “law” into their own hands, without consent of “We the People”.  Jack Minor of the Greeley Gazette reports:”