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World’s Largest James Bond Car Collection For Sale



” While a license to kill is hard to come by, the next best thing would surely be owning one of the many amazing cars driven by James Bond in the 23 films he’s been featured in since 1962.

  Why settle for one car though? The Daily Express reports that the world’s largest collection of James Bond vehicles is up for sale, and the owner–real-estate mogul Michael Dezer–insists that it be bought as one lot. The asking price is 20 million pounds, or about $33 million at current exchange rates.”

  The collection includes 59 vehicles, from a Fairey Huntress boat used in 1963’s From Russia With Love to an Audi A5 and Land Rover Defender used in the opening car chase of the most recent Bond movie, Skyfall.”





” Land Rover (Casino Royale) 


Russian T55 tank (Goldeneye) 




Cagiva motorcycle (Goldeneye) 

Lotus Esprit Turbo white (For Your Eyes Only) 

Aston Martin DB5 with gadgets (Man from Uncle George Lazenby) 

BSA Lightening motorcycle (Thunderball) 

Aston Martin DBS (OHMSS) 

Toyota 2000GT (You Only Live Twice) Not used in film.

Triumph Stag (Diamonds are Forever) 

Jaguar XKR (Die Another Day) 

BMW 750il (Tomorrow Never Dies) 

BMW R1200 motorcycle (Tomorrow Never Dies) 
Aston Martin V8 with skis (The Living Daylights)

Lotus Esprit Turbo bronze with skis(For Your Eyes Only) 

Lotus Esprit S1 (The Spy who Loved Me) 

Aston Martin V8 (The Living Daylights) 

Aston Martin DB5 (Goldeneye) 

Lotus Esprit (Spare for parts) 

Helicopter shell (The Spy Who Loved Me) Not used in film.
Lotus Esprit Submarine (The Spy Who Loved me) 




Aston Martin Vanquish (Die Another day) 

Fairey Huntress (From Russia With Love) 

Cagiva motorcycle (Goldeneye) 

Parahawk & figure (The World is Not Enough) Skidoo (Die Another Day ) 

Q Boat (The World in Not Enough) 

Road version Hovercraft (Die Another day) 


Glastron GT150 (Live and Let Die) 




Alfa Romeo 159 (Quantum of Solace) 

Wetbikes x 2 (The Spy Who Loved Me) 

TUK TUK Taxi (Octopussy) 

Kawasaki Z900 & sidecar (The Spy Who loved Me) 

Renault 11 half car (A View to Kill) 


Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Diamonds are Forever) 




BMW Motorcycle (Tomorrow Never Dies) 

GP Beach Buggy (For Your Eyes Only) 

TUK TUK Taxi (Octopusy) 

Speedboat (Live and Let Die) 

Litte Nellie Autogiro (You Only Live Twice) Not used in film 


Dragon tank (Dr No) 




Replica Mini Bede Jet (Octopussy) 

Gaz Volga (Goldeneye) 

Mini Citroen 2CV (For Your Eyes Only) 

Yellow 2CV (For Your Eyes Only) 

Replica Yellow 2CV (For Your Eyes Only) 

Replica AMC Hornet (The Man with the Golden Gun) Not used in film 

MP Lafer (Moonraker) Not used in film 

BMW Z8 (The World is Not Enough) 

Q Boat (The World is Not Enough) hull 

Renault 11 Taxi (A View to Kill) 

Rolls Royce Sedanca de Ville (Goldfinger) Not used in film 

Ford Thunderbird (Die Another Day) Not used in film 

Land Rover (Skyfall) 

Lada Riva (The World is Not Enough) 

Lockheed Jetstar Jet(Goldfinger) Not used in film 

Land Rover (Skyfall) 

Audi A5 (Skyfall) 

Lotus Mould (The Spy Who Loved Me) 

Reef Ranger Mini submarine (Licence to Kill)”












The 5 Best James Bond Boats



” As a Commander in the Royal Navy, it is only right and proper that over the last 40 years or so, 007 has been involved in some marvellous powerboating scenes. Not all the craft he has used in that time have been outrageously high-end. In fact some have been distinctly modest – and yet, like his cars, all have possessed something that made them stand out from the crowd as something a man like Bond might have enjoyed. What follows are five boats which, through the drama of the scene, the excellence of the marque or the sheer ‘Bondishness’ of the model, deserve a special mention. If you disagree (and on a subject as emotive as this, no doubt some of you will), do feel free to let us know…”





” (2) Glastron GT150 – Live and Let Die (1973)
In what is surely one of the most memorable boat scenes in 007 history, a 1972 Glastron GT150 embarks on a long and implausibly fast chase through Louisiana. Equipped with an Evinrude Starflite 135hp outboard, the highlight of the sequence is a record-breaking 110-foot leap over the pursuing Sheriff at the hands of Roger Moore.

Naturally, modifications were required in order to achieve the feat – not least a pair of wooden rails on the hull to keep the craft level on the ramp and the repositioning of the helm station in the centre of the boat to help maintain balance in flight. Even then, it is said (though unconfirmed) that around 25 craft were used in filming the chase, with around 100 takes of the jump sequence alone. A great many boats were damaged or destroyed either in practice or in filming but in an age when special effects could not come to the rescue, the results were superb.

The Glastron GT150 became something of a cult classic, featuring heavily on the film’s promotional poster and achieving more film success three years later in ‘Outlaw Blues’.”




See the others here









” Beretta USA is threatening to leave Maryland over new gun control proposals, the Washington Post reports, and they would take hundreds of jobs along with them.

“Why expand in a place where the people who built the gun couldn’t buy it?” Jeffrey Reh, general counsel for Beretta, asked.

The Washington Post explains:

Beretta, the nearly 500-year-old family-owned company that made one of James Bond’s firearms, has already invested more than $1 million in the [civilian version of a machine gun designed for special operations forces] and has planned to expand its plant further in Prince George’s County to ramp up production. “

Double Oh Yes … One of literature’s greatest gifts on another


  ” Conceived as a bestseller, Casino Royale effortlessly transcended such unworthy aims. Today, its
protagonist is up there with Count Dracula and Batman and a handful of other iconic A-listers. Fleming did not anticipate what to me is always the dreariest convention of
the celluloid Bond blockbuster – the final 20 minutes in which 007 and the girl run around a hollowed-out mountain or space station or some other supervillain lair shooting extras in tinfoil catsuits while control panels explode all around them and Bond looks frantically for the button that
deactivates the nuclear laser targeting London, Washington, Moscow and/or Winnipeg – but, that oversight aside, it’s remarkable how much of the 007 architecture he had in place so quickly. In
Casino Royale, the roulette table shows up on page one, M on page three, Moneypenny on page 13, the Double-Os on 14, the CIA’s Felix Leiter on 31, the first dry martini, shaken not stirred, on page 32. “

  “I scrammed out of London a few days before the Olympics began, but after getting an earful on what the locals make of it. On the whole, the residents of that great city would rather the honor of hosting the world’s most disruptive
sporting event had gone to some joint that needs the publicity more — Alma Ata, or Ouagadougou, or Oakland. In 21st-century London, traffic moves at fewer miles per hour than it did before the internal-combustion engine was invented without the added complication of fleets of Third World thug bureaucrats and the permanent floating crap game of transnationalist freeloaders being
dumped on its medieval street plan.
Nevertheless, having drawn the short straw of hosting the games, Londoners felt it a point of honor that the city be able to demonstrate the ability to ferry minor globalist hangers-on from their favorite whorehouse in Mayfair to the
Olympic Village in the unfashionable East End in
time for the quarter-finals of the flatwater taekwondo. “