Police Officer Of The Year’s Heroics Caught On Dashcam


Penn Trooper





” As Trooper Timothy Strohmeyer and Trooper David Navaruk each sped to the scene, they passed Michael in his pick-up truck heading the opposite direction. He fired shots into both police cruisers, and broken glass flew into Navaruk’s face, according to the Pennsylvania State Police.

Still, Strohmeyer and Navaruk turned their cruisers around and gave chase, hoping to catch up with the fleeing suspect.

Meanwhile, trooper Kevin Campbell was approaching Michael from the opposite direction. Upon seeing Campbell, Michael “accelerated his truck and intentionally rammed Corporal Campbell’s patrol car head-on,” trapping Campbell inside his own cruiser, according to the state police.

Campbell was a sitting duck, while Strohmeyer’s cruiser can be seen on video approaching the collided cars. Hoping to divert attention away from his trapped colleague, Strohmeyer rammed his own cruiser into the back of Michael’s truck, state police said.

Strohmeyer’s plan worked. Michael can be seen on video charging Strohmeyer’s cruiser with his gun drawn and firing. Eight bullets ripped through Strohmeyer’s windshield, as shown in a photograph obtained by ABC News. Strohmeyer was hit several times in the chest and left wrist.

Strohmeyer was wearing a bulletproof vest and survived. Michael was killed by the troopers’ returning gunfire.

Exactly 10 months later, at its annual conference in Philadelphia, the International Association of Chiefs of Police bestowed its highest honor on Strohmeyer, naming him International Police Officer of the Year.”

   We spend plenty of pixels highlighting the corrupt and criminal behavior of some law enforcement officers on this page but we are also fair enough to give credit where credit is due . One officer who deserves credit and honor is Pennsylvania state trooper Timothy Strohmeyer . Stohmeyer was recently honored as International Police Officer Of The Year and this video documents the incident that led up to that award .

   Well done Trooper . A grateful populace gives thanks .