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More evasion , lies and deceit from our most open and transparent administration . These people make Nixon look like a choir boy .

  “Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee have again asked the Obama administration to provide all copies of work-related emails that were written or received on personal email accounts, after their 2011 request was met with no reply from the White House.

   Republicans have argued since last year that despite the Obama administration’s pledge to be open and transparent, many White House
officials are using personal email to conduct work, and are even holding meetings outside government buildings to avoid disclosure of some of this work. They particularly noted that
Messina was known to use his personal email when working with labor union representatives
when the White House was working to pass the 2010 healthcare law.”

  At least it is when you have things to hide

  “President Obama’s campaign manager regularly used his
personal email account while working in the White House but was diligent in copying his official email address to preserve records of the emails, Press Secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday.

  But Carney dodged questions about White House officials arranging official meetings
at a coffee shop near the White House to avoid having names of who he was meeting with show up on official White House visitor logs.”

The ever astute political observer , Michael Barone :

“The picture Heilemann draws is of
campaign managers whose assumptions have been proved wrong and who seem to
be fooling themselves about what will work in the campaign.
   One assumption that has been proved wrong is that the Obama campaign would.raise $1 billion and that, as in 2008, far more money would be spent for
Democrats than Republicans.”

All I can say is , keep assuming Mr’s Plouffle and Messina . I like what you are doing .