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High School Student Discovers Baby Dinosaur Skeleton in National Monument


The skeleton of "Joe" in side view from the right, showing the preserved bones. The top image is an interpretive drawing based upon the photograph.


” In 2009, high school student Kevin Terris was trekking through Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah when something at his feet caught his eye. “At first I was interested in seeing what the initial piece of bone sticking out of the rock was,” Terris told scientists. “When we exposed the skull, I was ecstatic!”

Terris had stumbled upon a nearly complete skeleton of a baby Parasaurolophus, a plant-eating dinosaur that roamed western North America around 75 million years ago. The discovery, announced Tuesday by Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology in California, is the youngest and most complete fossil skeleton on record for this species of dinosaur. See 3D digital scans of the entire skeleton here.”

The Truth About Guns guys got to check out and “tease-fire” this beautiful long gun at the NDIA  (National Defense Industry Association) get-together aqnd were kind enough to offer us enthusiasts a sneak peak at the military’s newest choice in long range firepower . It is a sweet looking rifle . Check it out . 


Here’s a peek .


Isn’t she a beauty ? 

Joe Scarborough on Solyndra :  “Americans don’t care.”


The truth is , American’s DO care . The Left just chooses to believe that we don’t .

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