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Was Chief Justice Roberts Blackmailed Into Supporting Obamacare?





” In 2012, Chief Justice John Roberts cast the deciding vote for the Supreme Court’s ruling that ObamaCare was a legal tax. Conservatives were beyond stunned. Roberts’ decision was a narrow, weaving, legal mess, unlike the clear, assured opinions he usually wrote. What the heck happened?

There were also some subterranean murmurings that the Obama administration was blackmailing Chief Justice Roberts. This was a bit far-fetched. We all knew that Obama habitually practiced a Chicago-approach to politics, one that saw him digging up secret dirt on his opponents, releasing it, and forcing them out of the election. For example, when Obama ran for the U.S. Senate in 2004, his opponent was the popular Jack Ryan. As the campaign progressed badly for Obama, secret court filings from Ryan’s divorce “miraculously” appeared with unproven allegations from his former wife about his sexual practices. The scandal hit the fan, Ryan dropped out of the race, and Obama ran essentially unopposed against Ryan’s replacement, Alan Keyes. 

But what in the world could Obama have on Chief Justice Roberts?”









Is The Kenyan Legally President ?



Obama Eligibility

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” Chief Justice John Roberts has scheduled Case Regarding Obama’s Forged IDs to be Heard in Conference Before the Full Supreme Court.

There are a few big news stories this upcoming week: one is the “State of the Union” address, which could be said in just a couple descriptive words, one would be “CHAOTIC” one would be “PATHETIC” and that is all we’d need to hear. It would suffice for four more years.

Another BIG news story is being patently ignored; and that is a case that will be heard in conference before the full Supreme Court regarding the forged identities used by the POTUS.

NOT A PEEP. THIS is further proof of what you already knew…the media is TOTALLY COMPLIANT.

This is his Social Security number: SSN 042-68-4425 which will not pass E-Verify.

It will be interesting to see if the mainstream media EVER reports on this case.”


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Obamacare Taxes Mean Obamacare Layoffs




” America’s race toward the so-called “fiscal cliff” of automatic, massive tax increases is only part of the problem. This Thelma has her Louise — the Obamacare taxes — and hand-in-hand, these two terrors are racing toward Jan. 1.

The only thing worse than President Obama’s broken Obamacare promises are the promises he intends to keep: the tax hikes. Remember when Mr. Obama promised he’d never raise taxes on families earning less than $250,000 a year? He’d prefer you didn’t, but when Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and the Supreme Court put its stamp of approval on Obamacare, Mr. Obama became a court-certified tax-raiser.

Most of the president’s health care takeover won’t begin until 2014, but Democrats just couldn’t wait that long to start taxing you. The “Top Five Worst Obamacare Taxes Coming in 2013,” compiled by Americans for Tax Reform, is worth reviewing. “

  Independent Journal Review

” And now two weeks after the SCOTUS ruling, with emotions more controlled, let’s take a look
at recent events, shall we?

  Yesterday, as you may know, the Republican-led House voted again to repeal Obama-care in its entirety. Unfortunately, the Democrat-led
Senate is likely to stop the repeal in its tracks. But, this forces Democrats in an election year to
justify standing with Obama-care and the associated taxes. They will be pulled from the shadows and subject to the intense glare of the
American people. “

   ” “Pelosi’s Paradox” states that in order to find out what is in a health care bill, it would have to be passed,” explained physicist Steven Hawking. “But in order to be a law it would have to be constitutional, which means someone would have to know what was in it, which
would mean it couldn’t have been a bill in the first place. Think of Schroedinger’s Cat, except with a lobotomy.” “

Mark Steyn

” For longer than one might have expected, the U.S. Constitution was a happy exception to that general rule – until, that is, the contortions
required to reconcile a republic of limited government with the ambitions of statism rendered U.S. constitutionalism increasingly
absurd. As I also wrote three months ago (yes, yes, don’t worry, there’s a couple of sentences of
new material in amongst all the I-told-you-so stuff), “The United States is the only Western nation in which our rulers invoke the Constitutionfor the purpose of overriding it – or, at any rate,
torturing its language beyond repair.”

  Michael Walsh on the Roberts betrayal and the ugly costs of his cowardice .

” Of course, it’s a betrayal on the part of the chief justice, not only of the conservative constituency
that put him into his lifetime, very well paid sinecure, but of all Americans foolish enough to
believe that we actually are a government of laws, not men. At one stroke, Roberts has damaged his own reputation (ruined it, really)
and that of the court. If Roberts was reacting to the unconscionable and outrageous pressure being put on him by the president and his amen corner in the media — as it appears he was — then, as Chapman University law professor John Eastman has said, Roberts should resign :

  ” If the assumption is right, that he thinks was unconstitutional but found a way to uphold it to preserve the integrity of the
court, then he really ought to resign
because it proves he doesn’t have the judicial fortitude to do the job that he’s been chosen to do. ” “

  As we gain a bit of distance from the decision and more details come to light we are beginning to see John Roberts ‘  not as a brilliant strategist , but more as an egotistical politician , concerned only with how history views him and the “legacy” he leaves .

Jim Hoft

” According to a stunning report by CBS News, two sources with inside information concerning
the ObamaCare Tax deliberations confirmed that Chief Justice Roberts was, at first, firmly in
agreement with Conservative Justices Alito, Kennedy, Scalia, and Thomas in their conclusion that the individual mandate is.unConstitutional.  But, over time and, possibly.from external pressure, Roberts deserted his
position and switched sides to join the Liberals. ”

Matthew Continetti


   ” Even before the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare on Thursday, one could detect among liberals a certain desperate willingness to pronounce the health care debate “over.” The message from the president and his surrogates—from the flacks at the DNC to the hacks at MSNBC—was that it was time, to use a favorite phrase of the left, to move on.

“We’re not going to re-litigate health care reform,” President Obama told an audience in Philadelphia earlier this month. The American people “understand we don’t need to refight this battle over health care,” he said at a fundraiser in Atlanta on Tuesday. “What the country cannot afford to do is refight the political battles of two years ago,”he said after the Court issued its decision.

But Obama is wrong. The health care battle is not settled. On the contrary: Justice Roberts’s opinion has airlifted the combatants to a different battlefield altogether. By affirming the individual mandate not on the grounds of the Commerce Clause but the congressional power to tax, Roberts has, intentionally or not, exposed the president as a liar, and as willing to raise taxes on middle class. “





  In light of our previous post wherein we confessed our complete ignorance of “the Law” we feel the need to point any of our readers of similar naivete with a desire to be better informed to this post by Lawrence B. Solum .

   In it he does a fine job of making the whole Obamacare case and the reasonings of some of the Justices quite a bit more understandable than any other summary that we are aware of .

    He also provides a spark of an idea that perhaps should give all who treasure limited government and liberty some hope for reining in and perhaps more clearly delineating Congressional power in the future .

   We must admit that after having absorbed Mr. Solum’s insights we come away with the feeling that maybe , just maybe Chief Justice Roberts is playing a long game that those on the left , rejoicing in his seeming cave to their pressures , are at present unaware of but soon may come to regret .

” We are only minutes into a long process of digesting the Health Care Decision. But in my opinion, one thing is clear. Things are
now “up for grabs” in a way that no one anticipated when the saga of the constitutional challenge to the Affordable Care Act began.”

Read the while thing .

H/T Instapundit

  With all eyes on SCOTUS today we’ve deliberately remained silent . Not without opinion , but out of deference to the multitude of bloggers with legal backgrounds that can offer the public their expertise .

    We are from the business world and as such can offer only common sense and a historical kind of sense as to our understanding of the Constitution , the Founders and their ideas of liberty .

  That being said , our initial reaction to the Roberts Court’s finding was a feeling of being sold down the river . We are sorry to say that this post at Volokh Conspiracy merely serves to amplify the feeling that Roberts caved to media/political pressure .

   Tax , Commerce , who cares what you call it ? A Mandate is a Mandate . Where does that fact that the citizens can be forced to BUY something fit into the concept of individual liberty ?

” Scalia’s dissent, at least on first quick perusal, reads like it was originally written as a majority opinion “

Can kangaroo courts and star chambers be far off ? The disdain of the left for the Constitution and the separation of powers is boundless .

Controlling the politically insulated federal courts, especially the Supreme Court, has long been atop the left’s to-do list. Since it doesn’t own Chief Justice John Roberts,now the game is to shame him. ”

As the appeal of their empty promises becomes ever not obvious in the eyes of the voting public their increasingly strident  efforts to stave off the inevitable rendezvous with the “dustbin of history” forces them to resort to a slash and burn .

“President Obama took political meddling with the Supreme Court a step further when he stood before some of the justices assembled within the Capitol for his first State of the Union address.”

This entire effort must end badly for all concerned . The only way the Left can possibily not worry that the disgusting tactics that they now place so much faith in will not be used against them by some future administration of a different party is because they are now “all in” and expect to maintain the reins of power indefinitely .

“Last month, the president contended that if the high court ruled ObamaCare unconstitutional, i twould mean “an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and
passed law” — which is the Supreme Court’s duty of judicial review that it has “somehow”
carried out since Marbury v. Madison in 1803,and which the Warren Court did in landmark
liberal cases such as Brown v. Board of Education and Griswold v. Connecticut. ”

I become increasingly concerned that this administration has no intention of going quietly into that good night . Could our record two and a quarter centuries of peaceful succession