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John Wayne




” It rankles me when somebody tries to force somebody to do something.”











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John Wayne And Bob Hope Ham It Up





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” John Wayne And Bob Hope Ham It Up At The University !!! “














    The Duke Aboard His Boat “Wild Goose”


    Published on Aug 28, 2013

    ” From the BBC documentary The Great American Picture Star, Iain Johnstone joins “Duke” on a family holiday and hears some of the actor’s more controversial views on America as it celebrates the Bicentennial.”









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    http://showsondvd.tv/deanmartin.htm “








    Happy Birthday Dino

    Happy Birthday Dino

    Happy Birthday To A Talent Unparalleled In Today’s Entertainment World



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    Photo: Happy Birthday Dean Martin.  You are truly missed.  In celebration of the King of Cool's birthday tell us what is your favorite Dean Martin song and why in the comments.



      Date of Birth

    7 June 1917Steubenville, Ohio, USA


    Date of Death

    25 December 1995, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA (lung cancer and emphysema)


    Birth Name

    Dino Paul Crocetti



    King Leer (given to him by Life magazine)



    5′ 11″ (1.80 m)


    Mini Biography

    ” Though best known for the 51 films he made, Dean Martin was a prizefighter, steel mill laborer, gas station attendant and card shark before seeing the first glimmer of fame. It came when he teamed up with comedian Jerry Lewis in 1946. Films such as At War with the Army (1950) sent the team toward superstardom. After teaming with Lewis, Martin – born Dino Paul Crocetti – became a dramatic actor and the star of a long-running television variety show. Personality conflicts broke up the comedy duo in 1957. Few thought that Martin would go one to achieve solo success, but he did, winning critical acclaim for his role in The Young Lions (1958) with Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift. A succession of films followed for the singer-actor, including Some Came Running (1958) with Shirley MacLaine and Frank Sinatra. All would later be members of the “Rat Pack.” Martin learned well and proved potent at the box office throughout the 1960s, with films such as Bells Are Ringing (1960) and Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964), again with Rat Pack pals Sammy Davis Jr. and Sinatra. During much of the 1960s and 1970s Martin’s movie persona of a boozing playboy prompted a series of films as secret agent Matt Helm and his own television variety show. Airport (1970) followed, featuring Martin as a pilot. He also played a phony priest in The Cannonball Run (1981). His last public role was a return to the stage, for a cross-country concert tour with Davis and Sinatra. He spoke affectionately of his fellow Rat Packers. “The satisfaction that I get out of working with these two bums is that we have more laughs than the audience has”, Martin said. “





    Trade Mark

    Cigarette and a glass of alcohol whenever he was doing his night club acts








    ” His son, Dean Paul Martin (Dino), was killed in a plane crash in March 1987.

    Member of the “Rat Pack” with Frank SinatraSammy Davis Jr.Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. All appeared in Ocean’s Eleven (1960).

    Father of Gail Martin, Craig Martin, Claudia MartinDeana Martin Gina MartinRicci Martin and Dean Paul Martin.

    Grandfather of Alexander Martin.”

    ” Much of the “booze” that he drank on stage during his famous “Rat Pack” performances was really apple juice. (Son Dean Paul Martin spilled this secret, after the variety show ended production, stating that his father couldn’t have performed if he’d really drunk that much liquor.)”



    ” From 1973 to 1984, he was the host of the “Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.” In one of the most classic television series of all time, Dean and his panel of actors and comics would shower the guest of honor with insults. This series contained the most famous names in the history of entertainment, such as Bob HopeFrank SinatraLucille BallGeorge BurnsJames StewartOrson WellesJack BennyPhyllis DillerMilton BerleGene KellyDon RicklesRich LittleJohn Wayne, and Foster Brooks.”





    ” He and Frank Sinatra were best friends, a fact he held very dear to his heart. The two didn’t speak much, in the years after Dean quit the “Rat Pack Reunion” tour, but they did reconcile a few months before his death, over dinner – and a breadroll fight.”  



    ” Dean is one of few actors who have received not just one, but three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: one for Motion Pictures at 6519 Hollywood Blvd., one for Television at 6651 Hollywood Blvd, and a third for his recording career.”





    ”  Dean’s TV career began in 1950 with The Martin & Lewis Show on The Colgate Comedy Hour, which ran through 1955. He hosted various other shows before reluctantly taking the 1965 gig which turned into a 19-year success under various names.”





    RIP … Cheers Dino



    Happy Birthday , Duke




    Photo shows: Big Duke and Little Duke.

    ” On his paper route in Glendale, California, Marion and Duke would stop to visit the local firemen at the fire station. The firemen would always say “here comes Big Duke,” referring to the Airedale, “and Little Duke,” referring to Marion Morrison.

    The nickname Duke stuck with Marion Morrison/John Wayne for the rest of his life.”





    Actor (172 titles)

    1976The Shootist
    J.B. Books
    1973Cahill U.S. Marshal
    J. D. Cahill
    1968The Green Berets
    Col. Mike Kirby
    1966Magic Mansion (TV series)
    John Wayne
    – Ride ’em Cowboy (1966) … John Wayne
    1965In Harm’s Way
    Captain Rockwell ‘Rock’ Torrey
    1962Alcoa Premiere (TV series)
    Sergeant-Umpire in Korea

    – Flashing Spikes (1962) … Sergeant-Umpire in Korea (as Marion Morrison)
    1960Wagon Train (TV series)
    Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman

    – The Colter Craven Story (1960) … Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman (as Michael Morris)
    1958I Married a Woman
    Leonard (uncredited) / John Wayne (uncredited)

    1955Screen Directors Playhouse (TV series)
    Mike Cronin

    1955The Sea Chase
    Captain Karl Ehrlich

    1953Trouble Along the Way
    Steve Aloysius Williams

    1953Three Lives (short)

    1952Miracle in Motion (short)

    Pittsburgh Markham

    1942Reap the Wild Wind
    Capt. Jack Stuart

    1939Allegheny Uprising
    Jim Smith

    1937Idol of the Crowds
    Johnny Hanson

    1936Sea Spoilers
    Bob Randall

    1935Paradise Canyon
    John Wyatt / John Rogers

    1935The Desert Trail
    John Scott/John Jones

    1932The Big Stampede
    Deputy Sheriff John Steele

    1932That’s My Boy
    Football Player (uncredited)

    1932The Hurricane Express
    The Air Pilot

    1930Cheer Up and Smile
    Roy (uncredited)

    1930Rough Romance
    Lumberjack (uncredited)

    1930Born Reckless
    Extra (uncredited)

    1929The Forward Pass
    Extra (uncredited)

    Midshipman Bill (uncredited)

    1929Words and Music
    Pete Donahue (as Duke Morrison)

    1929The Black Watch
    42nd Highlander (uncredited)

    Extra (uncredited)

    1928Noah’s Ark
    Flood Extra (uncredited)

    1928Hangman’s House
    Horse Race Spectator (uncredited) / Condemned Man in Flashback (uncredited)

    1928Four Sons
    Officer (uncredited)

    1928Mother Machree
    Extra (uncredited)

    1927The Drop Kick
    Football Player (uncredited) / Extra in Stands (uncredited)

    1927Annie Laurie
    Extra (uncredited)

    1926The Great K & A Train Robbery
    Extra (uncredited)

    1926Bardelys the Magnificent
    Guard (uncredited)

    Date of Birth

    26 May 1907Winterset, Iowa, USA

    Date of Death

    11 June 1979, Los Angeles, California, USA (lung & stomach cancer)

    Birth Name

    Marion Robert Morrison


    JW (family nickname)


    6′ 4″ (1.93 m)

    Mini Biography

    ” John Wayne (born Marion Morrison) was the son of pharmacist Clyde Morrison and his wife Mary. Clyde developed a lung condition that required him to move his family from Iowa to the warmer climate of southern California, where they tried ranching in the Mojave Desert. Until the ranch failed, Marion and his younger brother Robert E. Morrison swam in an irrigation ditch and rode a horse to school. When the ranch failed, the family moved to Glendale, California, where Marion delivered medicines for his father, sold newspapers and had an Airedale dog named “Duke” (the source of his own nickname). He did well at school both academically and in football. When he narrowly failed admission to Annapolis he went to USC on a football scholarship 1925-7. Tom Mix got him a summer job as a prop man in exchange for football tickets. On the set he became close friends with director John Ford for whom, among others, he began doing bit parts, some billed as John Wayne. His first featured film was Men Without Women (1930). After more than 70 low-budget westerns and adventures, mostly routine, Wayne’s career was stuck in a rut until Ford cast him in Stagecoach (1939), the movie that made him a star. He appeared in nearly 250 movies, many of epic proportions. From 1942-43 he was in a radio series, “The Three Sheets to the Wind”, and in 1944 he helped found the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, a right-wing political organization, later becoming its President. His conservative political stance was also reflected in The Alamo (1960), which he produced, directed and starred in. His patriotic stand was enshrined in The Green Berets (1968) which he co-directed and starred in. Over the years Wayne was beset with health problems. In September 1964 he had a cancerous left lung removed; in March 1978 there was heart valve replacement surgery; and in January 1979 his stomach was removed. He received the Best Actor nomination for Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) and finally got the Oscar for his role as one-eyed Rooster Cogburn in True Grit (1969). A Congressional Gold Medal was struck in his honor in 1979. He is perhaps best remembered for his parts in Ford’s cavalry trilogy – Fort Apache (1948), She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) and Rio Grande (1950).”





    Pilar Wayne (1 November 1954 – 11 June 1979) (his death) 3 children
    Esperanza Baur (17 January 1946 – 1 November 1954) (divorced)
    Josephine Alicia Saenz (24 June 1933 – 25 December 1945) (divorced) 4 children

    Trade Mark


    Slow talk and distinctive, gravelly voice

    War movies

    Distinctive cat-like walk

    His movies frequently reflected his conservative values

    Often starred with Maureen O’Hara






    ” Holds the record for the actor with the most leading parts – 142. In all but 11 films he played the leading part.

    Ranked #16 in Empire (UK) magazine’s “The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time” list. (October 1997)

    Born at 1:00pm-CST.

    Children with Pilar WayneAissa WayneEthan Wayne and Marisa Wayne.

    Sons with Josephine: Michael Wayne (producer) and Patrick Wayne (actor); daughters Toni Wayne and Melinda Wayne.

    Most published sources refer to Wayne’s birth name as Marion Michael Morrison. His birth certificate, however, gives his original name as Marion Robert Morrison. According to Wayne’s own statements, after the birth of his younger brother in 1911, his parents named the newborn Robert Emmett and changed Wayne’s name from Marion Robert to Marion Michael. It has also been suggested by several of his biographers that Wayne’s parents actually changed his birth name from Marion Robert to Marion Mitchell. In “Duke: The Life and Times of John Wayne” (1985), Donald Shepherd and Robert F. Slatzer state that when Wayne’s younger brother was born, “the Duke’s middle name was changed from Robert to Mitchell. . . . After he gained celebrity, Duke deliberately confused biographers and others by claiming Michael as his middle name, a claim that had no basis in fact.”

    His production company, Batjac, was originally to be called Batjak, after the shipping company owned by Luther Adler‘s character in the filmWake of the Red Witch (1948). A secretary’s typo while she was drawing up the papers resulted in it being called Batjac, and Wayne, not wanting to hurt her feelings, kept her spelling of it.

    In the comic “Preacher”, his ghost appears in several issues, clothed in his traditional gunfighter outfit, as a mentor to the hero of the series, Jesse Custer.

    Great-uncle of boxer/actor Tommy Morrison, aka “The Duke”.

    An entry in the logbook of director John Ford‘s yacht “Araner”, during a voyage along the Baja peninsula, made a reference to one of Wayne’s pranks on Ward Bond: “Caught the first mate [Wayne] pissing in [Ward] Bond’s flask this morning – must remember to give him a raise.”

    He and his drinking buddy, actor Ward Bond, frequently played practical jokes on each other. In one incident, Bond bet Wayne that they could stand on opposite sides of a newspaper and Wayne wouldn’t be able to hit him. Bond set a sheet of newspaper down in a doorway, Wayne stood on one end, and Bond slammed the door in his face, shouting “Try and hit me now!” Wayne responded by sending his fist through the door, flooring Bond (and winning the bet).

    His favorite drink was Sauza Commemorativo Tequila, and he often served it with ice that he had chipped from an iceberg during one of his voyages on his yacht, “The Wild Goose”.

    He was offered the lead in The Dirty Dozen (1967), but went to star in and direct The Green Berets (1968) instead. The part was eventually given to Lee Marvin.

    The evening before a shoot he was trying to get some sleep in a Las Vegas hotel. The suite directly below his was that of Frank Sinatra (never a good friend of Wayne), who was having a party. The noise kept Wayne awake, and each time he made a complaining phone call it quieted temporarily but each time eventually grew louder. Wayne at last appeared at Sinatra’s door and told Frank to stop the noise. A Sinatra bodyguard of Wayne’s size approached saying, “Nobody talks to Mr. Sinatra that way.” Wayne looked at the man, turned as though to leave, then backhanded the bodyguard, who fell to the floor, where Wayne knocked him out by crashing a chair on top of him. The party noise stopped.

    He was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

    His spoken album “America: Why I Love Her” became a surprise best-seller and Grammy nominee when it was released in 1973. Reissued on CD in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, it became a best-seller all over again.

    Pictured on one of four 25¢ US commemorative postage stamps issued on Friday, March 23rd, 1990 honoring classic films released in 1939. The stamp featured Wayne as The Ringo Kid in Stagecoach (1939). The other films honored were Beau Geste (1939), The Wizard of Oz (1939), and Gone with the Wind (1939).

    Upon being cast by Raoul Walsh in Fox’s The Big Trail (1930) the studio decided his name had to be changed. Walsh said he was reading a biography on General “Mad” Anthony Wayne and suggested that name. The studio liked the last name but not the first and decided on “John Wayne” as the final rendition.

    He once made a cameo appearance on “The Beverly Hillbillies” (1962). In episode, “The Beverly Hillbillies: The Indians Are Coming (#5.20)”(1967). And when asked how he wanted to be paid, his answer, in return, was “Give me a fifth of bourbon – that’ll square it.”.

    In 1973 he was awarded the Gold Medal from the National Football Foundation for his days playing football for Glendale High School and USC.

    Arguably Wayne’s worst film, The Conqueror (1956), in which he played Genghis Kahn, was based on a script that director Dick Powell had every intention of throwing into the wastebasket. According to Powell, when he had to leave his office at RKO for a few minutes during a story conference, he returned to find a very enthused Wayne reading the script, which had been in a pile of possible scripts on Powell’s desk, and insisting that this was the movie he wanted to make. As Powell himself summed it up, “Who am I to turn down John Wayne?”.

    Among his favorite leisure activities were playing bridge, poker, and chess.

    He was buried at Pacific View Cemetery in Corona del Mar, California, (a community within his hometown of Newport Beach). His grave finally received a plaque in 1999.

    Inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1974.

    Grandfather of actor Brendan Wayne.

    Because his on-screen adventures involved the slaying of a slew of Mexicans, Native Americans and Japanese, he has been called a racist by his critics. They believe this was strengthened by a Playboy Magazine interview in which he suggested that blacks were not yet qualified to hold high public office because “discrimination prevented them from receiving the kind of education a political career requires”. Yet all of his three wives were of Latin descent.

    He was voted the 5th Greatest Movie Star of all time by Entertainment Weekly.

    Just on his sheer popularity and his prominent political activism, the Republican party in 1968 supposedly asked him to run for President of the USA, even though he had no previous political experience. He turned them down because he did not believe America would take a movie star running for the President seriously. He did however support Ronald Reagan‘s campaigns for governor of California in 1966 and 1970, as well as his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 1976.

    Wayne was initiated into DeMolay in 1924 at the Glendale Chapter in Glendale California.

    Received the DeMolay Legion of Honor in 1970.

    He was a Master Mason. In other words, he was a good man who became a member of the Masonic Fraternity.

    Pictured on a 37¢ USA commemorative stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series, issued on Thursday, September 9th, 2004. The first-day ceremonies were held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. “

    Lots More Here and Here














    Grilled Ribeyes With Balsamic Marinade




    Grilled Ribeyes with Balsamic Marinade




    Prep Time: 1 hour
    Cook Time: 12 minutes

    Yield: 4 servings

    1/4 cup honey
    1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    1 tablespoon soy sauce
    1 tablespoon whole grain mustard
    1 teaspoon ground cumin
    1/2 teaspoon chili powder
    4 boneless ribeye or New York strip steaks, about 3 pounds
    John Wayne All-Natural Briquette Charcoal





    Daily Comedy 3.17.13

    The Quiet Man – The Fight

    Happy St Patrick’s Day


    Daily Video 3.6.13

    John Wayne’s “The Alamo” in 8.5 minutes with Original Soundtrack


    Today marks the 177th anniversary of the storming of the Alamo . On this day Davey Crockett , Jim Bowie , William Travis and somewhere around 200 more men gave their lives in the cause of liberty .

    See Today’s Uncurrent Events 3.6.13 , Events and Deaths for more links to The Battle of The Alamo , Crockett and Bowie .


    Bob Munden, who has died aged 70, was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “The Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived”




    ” One journalist reckoned that if Munden had been at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona, on October 26 1881, the gunfight would have been over in 5 to 10 seconds. He could whip out his Colt .45 single action revolver (as used by John Wayne), shoot a target and replace the gun in his holster in .0175 seconds, and over his lifetime he won more than 3500 trophies, 800 championship titles and bagged 18 world records in speed-shooting.

    Munden’s accuracy was deadly. He could burst two balloons six feet apart in what sounded like a single shot and split playing cards — edgeways. He might not have been quite as fast as the French cartoon character “Lucky Luke”, the cowboy who could “draw faster than his shadow”, but Munden’s audiences sometimes needed slow-motion action replay to convince them that what they had just seen was not a trick. ”




    Visit Bob’s Website Here






    Amen To That

    America’s Freedom Watcher (Watch Dog)


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    John Wayne 


    John Wayne :


       “Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway.”