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Our Post-Racial president and his DOJ once again exhibit that ” fabled , most honest , ethical and open”  administration  in the  history of the Republic .

” A federal court in Washington, DC, held last week that political appointees appointed by
President Obama did interfere with the Department of Justice’s prosecution of the New Black Panther Party. ”  

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  ” Obama’s DOJ had claimed Judicial Watch was not entitled to attorney’s fees since “none of the records produced in this litigation evidenced any
political interference whatsoever in” how the DOJ handled the New Black Panther Party case.

   But United States District Court Judge Reggie Walton disagreed. Citing a “series of emails”.between Obama political appointees and career Justice lawyers, Walton writes: The documents reveal that political
appointees within DOJ were conferring about the status and resolution of the New Black Panther Party case in the
days preceding the DOJ’s dismissal of claims in that case, which would appear to contradict Assistant Attorney
General Perez’s testimony that political leadership was not involved in that decision. Surely the public has an interest in documents that cast doubt
on the accuracy of government
officials’ representations regarding the possible politicization of agency

Executive Privilege , Mea Culpa




  So it would seem , according to legal minds better than ours that in order to invoke executive privilege Obama would have to admit that he had knowledge of ” Fast & Furious ” . We wonder what our resident “constitutional law ” president is planning . 

” This morning, the White House asserted executive privilege over documents related to Operation ‘Fast and Furious,’ perAttorney General Eric Holder’s request. Following this move,Judge Napolitano warned that we may be on the “precipice of a constitutional confrontation between the executive branch, the White House, and the Congress.”

Executive privilege, in its definition, provides protection over communications with the president himself, according to the judge. The letter sent by Eric Holder requesting executive privilege does not detail a discussion with the president, but Judge Napolitano said, “The implication is there.” “

“Court strikes down NLRB rule to speed up union elections”

  “A federal judge ruled Monday that a contentious union election rule proposed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is “invalid.”

In an 18-page memorandum opinion, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg struck the regulation down, saying the labor board only had two members when it voted on the final rule in December 2011. Boasberg said the agency needed at least three members to have a quorum for action on the rule.” 


Some rarely exhibited common sense has prevailed , although one must note that the judge’s ruling was based on a technicality and not on the merits of the rule enacted by NLRB . All the more reason for a change of administration . It’s time for people that actually contribute to the GDP to have some say in the rules .