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Listen to this oldie but goodie and tell us that Romney was wrong about that 47% that will never vote for him . Those 47% will never vote for ANY candidate that talks about personal responsibility . We all know it .

” Democrats walking into “war on women” trap of their own making

  ” Do Democrats still plan to feature a “war on women” theme at their convention? If they do, I
argue in my column today for The Fiscal Times , they may well find themselves hoist with their own petard, after a week of watching
accomplished Republican women speaking from the dais in Tampa. Not only does the emphasis
entirely miss the issues about which voters care most in this electoral cycle, the entire argument
diminishes women to, well, to exactly what Code Pink reduced them in protests at the GOP

   The message from the Obama campaign and Democrats in general seems to be that women are somehow incapable of finding
birth control on their own unless some paternal entity dispenses it to them, despite all evidence to the contrary. They’re so incapable of this task that employers and schools have to hand it for them, no matter how much income they
derive nor how much tuition they manage to pay otherwise. This has already backfired during Team Obama’s “Life of Julia” campaign, which offered a creepy, solitary vision of a woman’s life approaching that of the song “Eleanor Rigby.” Former CNN news anchor Campbell Brown wrote in The New York Times that “Julia” was “a silly and embarrassing caricature based on the assumption that women look to government at every meaningful phase of
their lives for help.” “

Via the Republican National Committee

Julia is finding her food budget stretched to the max .


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Conservatives Atwitter

From John at Powerline 

“We are in the early stages of the 2012 campaign season, with a lot of battlespace preparation going on. In the skirmishing so far, one perhaps surprising media advantage has become clear: the right is clobbering the left on Twitter.”

  This subject is very dear to my heart . When you consider the meme that the progs are so cool , hip and up to date in the ways of social media it makes me laugh every time Obama and his shills launch a new media campaign only to see it totally taken over by the right . 




Time’s ; Are You Mother Enough ? 

WaPost’s ; Bully Business 


Some of the current questions posed to Michelle as amassed by John:

 ” When you vacation in Hawaii, can you see the rise of the oceans beginning to slow?
What’s up this week for the @BarackObama campaign and “Operation Change the Subject” (to anything except the economy)?
Do you still exchange May Day cards with Bill and Bernadette?
Do you think your daughters should request affirmative actions preferences?
Do you still get Christmas cards from the Rezkos and Blagojeviches?
So who succeeded you at that critical, highly important $300k/year community outreach job at UC hospital?
I have several friends who specialize in relocation. Shall I give them your number so they can help you relocate in January? “


  It doesn’t matter what they try , they are immediately swamped by those knuckle-dragging , clinging ,bitter  inbreds from flyover country . 

  Since we’ve toned it down a bit this afternoon this one fits right in with the whole “Julia” , war on women , Time Magazine efforts to drive US womenhood into the arms of their ” liberators” at the DNC/MMFA/White House conglomerate .

  From the folks over at Director Blue we get this , the latest version of Obama’s vision of ” motherhood” .


Mr Fleming weighs in with his take on Julia and her government indenture .

“Of course, what Obama has Ppublished about Julia is only a rough draft of what he has
planned. He has since sat down with futurists, science fiction authors, and hippy drug addicts
to come up with even more precise details of what life will be like for Julia if America chooses to re-elect Obama versus the horror that awaits her if Mitt Romney is elected.”

Read on . The future is grim without Dear Leader to provide .

AGE 25

” Under President Obama: Julia graduates college and looks for a job. No jobs are currently
available, so she is given more contraceptives. She watches on TV as President Obama, now immortal in his robot unicorn body, is
democratically elected god king. Thanks to the new two-way TV design, she is comforted by the
fact that Obama could be looking back at her.
  Under Mitt Romney: Julia ventures out only at night to make it harder for Bain Capital’s hunter/seeker robots to find her. ”

It is obvious that he is our savior . We should forget the election and crown him emporer . Think of all the money and worry we could save . It’s time to realize he only wants what’s best for us .

By way of Tumblr comes this debunking of one of the myths perpetuated by the “Julia ” fairy tale offered up by Obama & Co.

With my first child entering college in the fall this subject is of particular interest to me and as is to be expected , EVERYTHING the government does ends up with the unintended negative consequences more than offsetting any small measure of benefit gained by the original intent .
   This is why the founders knew and advocated for ” who governs least governs best ” . In just 3 generations our genius ruling class has managed to unlearned hundreds of years of wisdom and presume to be smarter than the men who risked all to found this nation of ours .

Here is a taste ;

“Dr. Wolfram explains that the unintended consequences of Pell Grants are hurting college students:
The federal government’s financial aid programs cause higher tuition costs, reducing the ability of some students to go to college and causing others to attend a college that is not their first choice. Basic economic theory suggests
that the increase in demand for higher education brought about by the system of grants and loans will
increase the price of higher education. “

” But Indian in the sense of checking the “Are you Native American?” box on the Association of American Law Schools form,
which Elizabeth Warren did for much of her adult life. According to her, she’s part Cherokee and part Delaware. Not in the Joe Biden sense, I hasten to add, but Delaware in the sense of the Indian tribe named in honor of the home state of Big F—kin’ Chief Dances With Plugs.   How does she know she’s a Cherokee maiden? Well, she cites her grandfather’s “high cheekbones,” and says the Indian stuff is part of her family “lore.” Which was evidently good enough for Harvard Lore School when they were looking to rack up a few affirmative-action credits. ”


” Martin Luther King dreamed of a day when men would be judged not on the color of their skin but on the content of their great-great-great-grandmother’s wedding license application. “

  With a tip of the hat to Frank J we get the joy of perhaps the best  “Life of Julia” lampoon yet . If you find this whole “Julia” cradle to grave business as funny as I do then pay a visit to the SooperMexican , see for yourself , and while you are there have a look around at some of SM’s other work . You will not be disappointed . 



PS: When I said funny , I was referring to the interminable stream of fatuous campaign schemes  disseminated from “Wile E. Coyote” ‘s staff that have all been Alinskied  back in their faces by the ” Breitbart Brigade ” . Make no mistake , I see not one iota of humor in the hazard this nation faces from a ruling class that could advocate , nay promise , a future of dependency as proffered by the ” Julia ” campaign . 

At last the true story of Julia surfaces courtesy of her son Zachary as told to Yid with a Lid .

Have a read , have a laugh .

” “It’s a FRAUD!”
Said the Guy on the Phone, “Julia was my mother, they must have found the outline for the book she was going to write, and put in their own facts. Barack Obama and liberal policies ruined my mom’s life.”
  Julia’s son (her last name was
NoPunim ) began to tell me his mom’s real story. “

From the fertile mind of Bob Krumm we are regaled with tales of “Julia’s” other half ” Brian ” . Compare and contrast as Brian grows from high chair to hoary . Below is an excerpt of “Brian’s” teen years .

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