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DNR Warden Spots Icebergs On Lake Superior



Superior Icebergs





” It may be June, but a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources warden discovered some icebergs still afloat in Lake Superior near Madeline Island on Friday.

  DNR Marine Warden Amie Egstad spotted the floating ice – which was covered in resting seagulls – while doing a routine check of commercial nets in the largest of the Great Lakes.

“ There was this big iceberg along with other ice packs and bergs floating around backside of Madeline Island area east towards Saxon Harbor,” Egstad said.

  According to a National Geographic report, the summer temperatures of the Great Lakes are expected to be colder this year because more than 90 percent of the lakes had been covered in ice during this past winter.”


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Blind Faith – Well All Right

” Blind Faith’s Hyde Park concert was performed on a pleasant Saturday, 7 June 1969. It was a brash awakening for the boys, who came across afterwards as somewhat dismayed by their own conduct and performance. Stevie and Eric particularly commented defensively about their outcome that day: Stevie Winwood – “It was our first gig, and to do that in front of 100,000 people was not the best situation to be in. Nerves were showing and it was very daunting.” “