Australian National University Bans Qur’an Satire For Fear Of Violent Muslim Reaction




” Why do Islamic supremacist thugs keep on issuing violent threats? Because cowardly dhimmis keep bowing to those violent threats. They go with what works. Free Speech Death Watch Update: “Australian National University bans Koran satire for fear of violent backlash,” by Rachel Baxendale for The Australian, May 27 (thanks to Kenneth):

THE Australian National University has cited international violence in the wake of the Danish cartoon and Innocence of Muslims controversies in justifying its decision to force student newspaper Woroni to pulp a satirical infographic which described a passage from the Koran as a “rape fantasy”.The university also threatened student authors and editors of the infographic with disciplinary action, including academic exclusion and the withdrawal of the publication’s funding.

The piece was the fifth in a satirical series entitled “Advice from Religion”which had previously discussed Catholicism, Scientology, Mormonism and Judaism.

No complaints were received about any of the earlier installments.”



Pat Condell is offended by Islam and speaks up with the courage that the University lacks any shred of .





     This is not THE “offending” cartoon . We have been unable to track that one down . This is just another cartoon , among  many , that the “religion of perpetual outrage” objects to . Courtesy of Bare Naked Islam .





  The Woroni editor’s take on the matter is here : From Back Page to Front Page: ‘Advice’ from the ANU