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What’s The Deal With Kate Upton In The New ‘Game Of War’ Commercial?








” Come and play with me.” ~Kate Upton

  During Thursday Night Football, Untitled Worldwide debuted a commercial for Game of War, one of the biggest mobile games in the world. The commercial features Kate Upton as Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. She doesn’t say much in the thirty second spot but her appearance speaks volumes about the seriousness of Game Of War’s ad campaign. A campaign they reportedly spent $40 million on. “













All Of Art & Science Has Culminated In Kate Upton’s Zero-G Bikini Shoot



All of Art & Science Has Culminated in Kate Upton's Zero-G Bikini Shoot



” Behold the pinnacle of human invention. Sports Illustrated had the fantastic idea to shoot supermodel Kate Upton into the sky and then film her while she floated around in a bikini. Now we all know what Kate Upton looks like at Zero-G in a swimsuit. The answer, unsurprisingly, is great.”


  Although Kate has been relegated to the back cover of Sports Illustrated’s Fiftieth Anniversary Swimsuit Edition , it took three young ladies to do it . However , the editors at SI are not stupid . They put  Kate , a bikini and zero-gravity together for a very interesting photo shoot and along with the stills came the requisite video of the momentous union .

  Below is the SI video itself and at the bottom is a video from 1OneMinuteNews that shows parts of the clip but most interestingly offers some background on the science involved in the making of the zero-g atmosphere aboard the “Vomit Comet” . 


The official SI video …




And the informative science of the “Vomit Comet” ...

i09 has more pictures and the rest of the story


All About The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue



Kate Upton swimsuit issue



” Who’s the SI swimsuit cover model in 2013?

This being SI’s landmark 50th swimsuit issue it might have meant a big group shot was in the works — including Kate Upton, Bar Rafaeli, Brooklyn Decker and other famous cover models of the recent past.

Meanwhile, speculation about a solo cover continued to buzz hot and heavy for months as fans panted after the likes of supermodels Anne V, Nina Agdal, Isabel Goulart — and possibly the first redhead to make the cover — Cintia Dicker.

Of course, most of us wouldn’t have minded seeing Kate Upton grace the cover again this year, or for the next decade to come.

And lo and behold, with SI heeding the call for MORE KATE, a leaked 2013 cover appeared online revealing just that — Kate Upton in a HOT Antarctic photo shoot, a first for SI, which usually uses the world’s top beaches as backdrops for its sexy and sultry supermodels.

The 2013 issue also marks the first time that anyone has landed the cover in succesive years since supermodel Christie Brinkley landed the cover three years running from 1979, 1980 and 1981.”



 The Keys To The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Vault



SI Swimsuit Archive

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The Very First Cover

File:First SI Swimsuit Issue.jpg

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The Most Un”Covered” Covergirls


SI Swimsuit Covers

A Short List Of 2013 Cover Nominees

Kate Upton Shines 



Her Gallery





And No Collection Of Swimsuit Links Would Be Complete Without Some Bodypaint 



Anne V








No Swimsuit Edition Would Be Complete Without The Athletes



Michelle Jenneke



” Michelle Jenneke is one of the athletes that features in this year’s SI Swimsuit Issue. If you need a refresher, she’s the Australian hurdler that became a YouTube sensation for her pre-race warm-up dance before the 100-meter hurdles race at the 2012 World Junior Championships in Athletics in Barcelona. Well, that little bit catapulted her to an appearance on The Tonight Show and now she’s half-naked in Vegas posing for the cameras of Sports Illustrated. By the way, in case you’re wondering, Michelle is 19 years old, plenty of time to continue dancing pre-race for her hurdling career. ”



You May Remember This Video Of Michelle From The Olympics 





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2012 Top 25 Sexiest Women Alive




” FHM received hundreds of thousands of votes on who is the sexiest women alive. Here we have captured the top 25 on FHM’s list of sexiest women! US model Kate Upton takes spot #23


For Shame




 Have a look but there is something suspect about a list of this sort that puts the above near – perfect creature of God as not even deserving of a spot in the top twenty .











50 Googled Women