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Saved By The KGB




And so the government of the United States has put its foreign policy in the steady hands of President Vladimir Putin and the KGB. Americans from coast to coast are breathing a sigh of relief. In Congress, the left and the right and those in between, are relieved. In recent months it has become abundantly clear that the President of the United States is not up to the task. He would rather lecture us on domestic issues, such as how to run up trillions of dollars of debt. Then he would like to work on his golf game—do you recall how our elites laughed and laughed when the former Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, then the Supreme Commander of NATO, and finally the two-term president of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower, played golf?

Now our foreign policy is in the hands of true professionals. The KGB has a spotty record on human rights, but everyone says they are pros at handling the realities of power. In fact, in yesteryear when they had real power they were—you will remember the term—“prudent.” 

Oh, yes, it would probably be better to have the foreign policy of our country residing in the hands of an American professional, say, Henry Kissinger. But Henry has limited time these days and besides his power base is compromised. He has many Republicans on his side, but the American left has never been a big fan of Henry’s. Besides, over the last few weeks Mr. Putin has shown that he has the will and the agility to run foreign policy for his country as well as ours, or at least ours when the President is Barack Obama, a man who before coming to the White House had been a part-time United States senator for four years, a state senator for three terms, and—most spectacularly—a community organizer. Naturally his experience in foreign policy has been a little thin.

The Russians do not have the military might of the United States, if they ever did. But they are clever, and they have their own problem with terrorism at home. They will make an excellent stand-in until we have a president in office who is up to the job of wielding power responsibly, hopefully in 2017. Yet, if the angry women and the clueless college students have their way, we may have to wait until 2021.”









Spy Bases: 9 Secretive HQs of the World’s Intelligence Agencies

United States: National Security Agency



” There are clear views of the National Security Agency’s headquarters off the Patuxent Freeway, just skirting Fort Meade, Maryland, about 15 miles southwest of Baltimore. But we wouldn’t advise getting any closer, as the NSA is the highly secretive agency responsible for the U.S. government’s codebreaking and collecting communications from around the world. The NSA’s headquarters also fits the part, rising blank and expressionless above a desert of parking lots. Completed in 1986, it resembles a collection of stubby, black, reflective monoliths like from 2001: A Space Odyssey. And according to the Center for Land Use Interpretation, the complex has an estimated 10 acres of underground space.

But like the CIA during the Cold War, the NSA in recent years has outgrown its own building. Fort Meade altogether has grown extremely rapidly as defense agencies relocate there and the NSA boosts its Cyber Command headquarters. Defense and government contractors now have offices surrounding the place, and contract and government jobs have surged, largely due to growth at the base more generally, and partly because of growth at the NSA. The Baltimore Business Journal reported that the base is expected to add an eye-popping 42,500 jobs by the end of the decade. The Defense Department even paved over part of the base’s golf course for the headquarters of the Defense Media Activity organization, the Pentagon’s media wing. Hopefully the Pentagon and the NSA will include a lot more parking.”