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Daily Comedy 10.21.14

Bob Marley – Kids




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” Bob Marley at The Comedy and Magic Club “












21 Kids Who Outsmarted Their Tests



1.) An understandable solution to the formula.




” If your parents or family have ever complained about your time as a child, take that as a compliment. The hardest children to raise are often the most clever; they can just outwit their parents, making life hard for them. Take these kids for example. They knew what their teachers wanted them to do… but they decided to do something way more awesome.

  Most adults wouldn’t be able to think of responses that are this witty or clever. Even though these are the wrong answers, I would have given theses kids an A+.”



10.) It's still a "beer law."




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This Is Islam





” Puffing on a cigarette, a Kalashnikov AK-47 slung awkwardly across his little shoulders, seven-year-old Ahmed stands at a makeshift barricade in Syria.

He is one of the youngest fighters to be swept into his country’s civil war and something in his blank expression seems to hint at horrors that no child of his age should ever have to witness.

The picture was taken in the neighbourhood of Salahadeen, one of the front lines in the battered city of Aleppo.”






Daily Comedy 2.23.13

Bob Marley – Kids


Looking For Something For Under The Tree ?








  ” I’m not exactly sure when video games such as MW3 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare® 3) replaced a Red Ryder under the tree on Christmas morning, but if you want to trigger the shooting spirit of a new shooter, the ISSC MK22 is the ticket. In fact, whether you are an operator looking for a new, low-recoil training toy or simply shopping around for something to put in a gun virgin’s hand for his or her first pop! pop! pop!, ISSC’s MK22 is exactly what you are looking for.

The MK22 is undoubtedly the love child of full-size combat rifle, scaled down in both price and caliber. Show a MK22 to an uninitiated fan of MW3 and they’ll likely spout off that it’s an FN-SCAR. Given the classic FN-style, folding stock and receiver outline, they’d almost be right, too. Although the pipe isn’t hammer-forged like the SCAR, the German made 16-inch precision match barrel does feature a 1:28 cut on the end to attach a muzzle break or flash suppressor, and the two guns have more than that in common.”

    Now this is “war on women” . Please remind me why , according to our Progressive friends , I should show the same deference to the beliefs of this cretin as I should for the creed of the Pope .

“A man is under arrest in Germany after killing his wife in front of his six young children and cutting her into pieces.

Orhan Sircasi then ran on to the roof of his apartment building clutching her severed head in one hand and a butcher’s knife in the other.”