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Friday Firepower With A User Submit From The Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot (54 Photos)







   A little video would probably be welcome , don’t you think ? Nothing quite like moving pictures to convey the awesomeness of  firepower.




Published on Apr 13, 2013

” Great footage from the 2013 Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot including sub machine guns: the 1928 Thompson, Grease Gun, British Sten Gun, AK-47, as well as short video from the gun show building showing various mounted displays including new .4570 Gatling guns, the GE Minigun and various air and water cooled bi and tripod mounted machine guns. The video also includes footage from the upper range day shoot with numerous high caliber machine guns and cannons firing at once including in some cases tracers and exploding rounds, and closeup footage of a machine pistol, the Browning M1919 mounted machine gun and the M-60 machine gun.”



No display of firepower would be complete without some nighttime shooting …



Day Or Night , Firepower Is Awesome