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Drone Crashes Into Navy Ship Injuring 2 In California





” An American drone has malfunctioned and crashed into a guided missile cruiser off the coast of Southern California, causing two injuries, say officials. The incident happened while the vessel was testing a combat weapons system.

Lt. Lenaya Rotklein of the US Third Fleet told AP the two sailors injured in the crash were being treated for minor burns. The remotely-controlled craft reportedly veered out of control during an operation to test the USS Chancellorsville’s combat weapons system on Saturday afternoon. Rotklein said the drone was being used to test the ship’s radar. “





” The guided missile carrier is now heading back to the San Diego Naval Base, where officials will assess the extent of the damage. In response to the accident, the Navy says it is opening an investigation to examine the possible causes. 

This is the second drone crash to occur this week in the US after an unmanned craft malfunctioned and came down over Lake Ontario on Tuesday, prompting the suspension of all drone flights in the Central New York area.



  Two down in one week , this time with injuries … it’s only a matter of time before a drone crash wipes out an innocent family asleep in their beds or heading to Grandma’s house in the family wagon . No doubt when that happens the authorities will wring their hands apologetically and say that this is the price we must pay for “freedom” .



“One of the notorious things about drones and Reapers is their high accident rate,” Ed Kinane a Syracuse-based peace activist told syracuse.com on Tuesday. “A general concern is that because the military is so in love with drones and the Reaper, it appears they have rushed these things into production.”



 For those readers who are unaware of exactly how frequently drone crashes occur Global Research has compiled a list that is very informative reading . This is a problem that is sure to grow as the domestic use of these spying machines becomes ever more commonplace .



” Our database primarily contains details of crashes of  Class 2 and Class 3 UAVs (i.e. medium and large drones – see here for explanation of drone class and size) since January 2007.  However  there are a few occasions when small drone crashes have been included for some notable reasons (i.e. crashed with another aircraft).  We continue to maintain this database  as, although safety and reliability is a key issue in the growing use of unmanned aerial vehicles, nobody appears to be publicly compiling  drone crash information.   We are not claiming that our database is complete.  Given the secretive nature of drone operations and development, it is highly likely that other drone crashes have occurred and not been publicly reported.

So far this year we have recorded 14 crashes involving 15 drones (yep, one crash involved two drones colliding).  However it should be noted that one key source for our data –  the USAF Aerospace Mishap Website –  has not been updated since December 2011 and this may well have impacted upon the figures  (see Table 1: Drone Crashes by Year).”








” Both in US and in Europe corporate interests continue to pressurize governments to open up civilian airspace to unmanned systems.  Without a real improvement in reliability and safety however,  legislators should remain sceptical, else we really will be living in the Century of drone crashes.”





   We had better start spending our time with one eye towards the sky as the domestic drone warfare program is bringing new meaning to “death from above” by accident if not by design . As drone use proliferates with the continued militarization of our local law enforcement organizations these types of accidents are only going to become more frequent and sooner or later fatal .

    The military , which one would hope is trained to a higher standard than your local Barney Fifes has even managed to crash two drones into each other on the runway . 



” Army officials are investigating after two remotely piloted aircraft collided on the runway in El Mirage, causing damage to both pricey planes.

The unmanned aerial vehicles were of different variations operated by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. of San Diego, a U.S. Army spokesman said in an email. The enhanced Predator-type UAVs were undergoing individual flight tests at El Mirage Flight Test Facility on July 25, he said.”



Like we said , heads up … have good day .

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Reaper Drone Crashes Into Lake Ontario




” Oswego (WSYR-TV) – The Air National Guard says the search for a MQ-9 Reaper drone that crashed into Lake Ontario early Tuesday afternoon has been suspended due to weather. 

The Coast Guard has dispatched a 47-foot vessel from Oswego and a helicopter from Buffalo to aid in the search. Both have night capabilities.

All local 174th flying operations have temporarily been suspended as the investigation gets underway. 

According to Col. Semmel, the reaper was in the air for approximately three hours before it crashed into the water during a training exercise, 20 miles north of the Port of Oswego and 12 miles west of the shoreline around 1 p.m. on Tuesday. “


Reaper Crash

” Officials say there were no weapons or hazardous materials on the craft and say no one was injured during the incident.

Col. Semmel confirms that the craft remained in approved military airspace after it took off from Fort Drum, the only location in the region where the MQ-9 Reaper is currently allowed to depart.

The drones are also cleared to fly over parts of Onondaga, Oswego, and Madison counties during training exercises.”