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Colbert Rips Obama’s Laid-Back Attitude About Russia





” Stephen Colbert Tuesday on Colbert Report gave a rundown of just how President Barack Obama has handled the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Colbert, whose entire shtick is to make fun of talk-show pundits, looked downright gleeful as he poked fun at Obama’s chill attitude.

  After playing a series of clips from the talk-show circuit, showing prominent Republicans ripping the president, Colbert put a light touch on how President Obama is allegedly appearing to the rest of the world. While showing a photo of the president on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Colbert teased the president for the lack of haste in his wardrobe.”


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Republicans and Taxes




Do These A**holes Have Any Principles At All … No Wonder They Lose , And Lose . Since The Government Produces Nothing Of Value Raising “Revenue” Is Just Another Term For Picking Our Pockets . What They Spend Costs Us .


 ” Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the false congressional fiscal conservatives in the Republican Party began to reveal their true selves. Led by the Republican presidential standard bearer in 2008, Arizona Sen. John McCain, at least a half-dozen Republican members of Congress have renounced their public promises never to vote to raise taxes. In the case of Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., Congressman and Senator-elect Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., and Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., they had restated their promises, directly or indirectly, as recently as last month during their successful campaigns. Did they blatantly dupe the voters? Did they genuinely change their minds? Did they ever sincerely accept the pro-freedom anti-tax logic?

The Founders certainly embraced the pro-freedom anti-tax logic, as they gave us a Constitution that barred the federal government from imposing any direct tax on any persons. That was part of the genius of the document. If the feds really needed cash, they’d need to tax the states. If the states were feeling over-taxed, they could block federal taxes in the Senate, where for 135 years senators were chosen by state governments as delegates to the Senate, rather than elected by voters. This procedure, too, was part of the Founders’ genius. It came about in order to assure a place at the federal table for the states, many of which were older than the federal government and all of which retained their sovereignty when they voluntarily joined the union. This procedure for choosing senators was also a check on the growth of the federal government. ”


It’s As If They Are Searching For A Way To Ensure Minority Party Status In Perpetuity . As Much As We Abhor The Democrats And What The Stand For We Have To Admit That They Have Guts And Are Willing To Fight For Their ( however misguided ) Beliefs . Where Is That Passion On The “Freedom” Side Of The Aisle ?



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How Appropriate

“Naval expert: Ships shown during Democratic convention tribute to veterans were Russian”

  “The Democratic National Convention’s final night included a stirring tribute to America’s veterans from a retired naval four-star admiral, complete with a backdrop of jets flying over a row of proud warships. But convention organizers may soon regret it.

Norman Polmar, author of “The Naval Institute Guide to the Soviet Navy” and other military handbooks, told the Navy Times on Tuesday that the ships were Russian vessels.

“The ships are definitely Russian,” Polmar told the military newspaper. “There’s no question of that in my mind.” The ships depicted in the Democrats’ backdrop had radar designs that the U.S. fleet doesn’t use.”

The Examiner

  ” Back in 2010, Georgetown Law professor Randy Barnett, who has been described as the legal
architect behind challenges to the health care law, wrote a paper on the unconstitutionality of
Obamacare in which he issued the following warning about the Obama administration’s
taxing power claim: “(T)he government’s tax power theory is far more radical than the Commerce and Necessary
and Proper Clause theory precisely because the Supreme Court has generally deferred to any invocation of the tax power to raise revenue to spend for the general welfare. “

I love the  “Exploding Cigars” metaphor . It suits these incompetent efforts perfectly .

“The great puzzle of President Obama’s re-election campaign is why previously successful
political pros are creating so many ineffective initiatives that blow up in their faces like exploding cigars.
Take, for example, the Obama campaign’s insistence that they can sell the narrative that Republicans in general, and of course Mitt
Romney in particular, are waging a “War on Women.” How many different ways can they try
and fail?
They’ve used Hillary Rosen as a stalking horse, a cartoon named “Julia,” and on and on and on. Most normal people (and I am including
Team Obama among the “normal” simply for the sake of argument) would try something once. If it fails, then they might assume that
whatever they were trying needs a bit of tweak, and they’ll try again. If the second try also crashes and burns, they might do it one more
time, but only after some radical changes are made to the original plan. After the third disaster, almost everyone would conclude that there is a flaw in the basic assumption or in the plan, or even both.
Not those geniuses who are running the Obama and Company effort to get the man re-elected.”

“[I]f you don’t have any fresh ideas ,
then you use stale tactics to scare the voters. If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.” That is what Barack Obama said when he
accepted his party’s presidential
nomination in 2008. Four years later, it
reads like a prophetic description of his
re-election campaign.