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Libertarians Trail Meter Readers, Telling Town: Live Free Or Else






” In most places, the parking enforcement officer reflects the municipal compact. Armed only with a gadget that can spit out a ticket at the forgotten drop of a dime, the officer quietly serves civic and commercial life by ensuring that meters are fed.

  In most places, yes. But not here in charming Keene, where parking officers figure in a philosophical tug of war between a small band of activists who live by the motto “Free Keene,” and the great majority of residents who were unaware that their city was in bondage.”







  Keene’s two parking officers, both women, are often videotaped by young adults known as “Robin Hooders.” They track the whereabouts of the officers by two-way radio, feed expired meters before $5 tickets can be written, and leave a business card saying that “we saved you from the king’s tariff.”

  Welcome to Sherwood Forest, N.H., where these acts of charity have led to some donations and gratitude, but also to sidewalk tensions, harassment allegations and litigation. They are part of a broader effort by about two-dozen activists, most of them from someplace else, to unshackle Keene from the “violent monopoly” of government and its enforcers, including these parking officers who work in weather fair and foul.”




   Meet the Robin Hoods Of Keene in the New York Times and visit their Facebook page to give them a Like as they do battle with the State in an effort to keep New Hampshire free .











Trial, And Error   



Mann Vs Steyn




” On Tuesday morning, January 21st, I filed a motion with respect to Dr Michael Mann’s defamation suit against me,National Review, Rand Simberg, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. I did so because I felt the procedural fiasco the case has been reduced to since last July 10th thanks to the incompetence of the previous judge, Natalia Combs Greene, required what I called “an act of jurisprudential hygiene” from the new judge, Frederick Weisberg. Unfortunately, the DC Superior Court seems disinclined to clean up its act. I appreciate that, to those who followed the fun and frolics of my free speech battles in Canada five years ago, the tedious procedural codswallop of the Mann case has been eye-glazing and butt-numbing. But that’s apparently how they do things in America. Still, at the risk of rendering even the loyalist reader comatose, let me précis the most recent developments:

  On December 19th, the Appeals Court ruled that appeals relating to Dr Mann’s original complaint were moot. (Bear with me, it gets much more boring yet.) The implication of this was that we would be getting a fresh hearing on the amended complaint with what Judge Weisberg had promised on October 9th would be “a new set of eyes”. Whatever the state of His Honor’s eyeballs, I never got a look at them – because on Wednesday evening, January 22nd, he denied Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss (along with my Motion to Vacate) without benefit of a hearing. So it looks like the Scopes Monkey Trial of the 21st century is on. Book your tickets now! “









Man Shot By Officer Sues West Sacramento Police Department


Homeowner Shot By Cops

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” When police officers responded to a domestic disturbance call at a West Sacramento home in July 2012, homeowner Kevin Hughey said he was shot by one of the officers who was out of control.

” I realized someone was actually kicking in the door,” Hughey explained.

  Hughey said even though the heated discussion between he and his wife had de-escalated, a West Sacramento police officer forced his way into the their home.

” I stepped back to get out of the way of the door as it flung open,” Hughey said. “I immediately saw an officer with his gun drawn. I started to put my hands up and before I could even move, he shot me.” “



















California Man Headed To Trial Over Tasing For Leash-Law Violation




” California resident Gary Hesterberg was running the trails with his two dogs at Rancho Corral de Tierra in San Mateo County last year when he was stopped by a park ranger for not leashing his terrier (his other dog, a beagle, was on a leash). He reportedly tried to put the leash on the dog when he saw her coming, but apparently that wasn’t enough.

  When the ranger, Sarah Cavallaro, would not let Hesterberg walk away after a verbal warning, he accused her of unlawful detainment and attempted to leave anyway. She tased him, and he collapsed to the ground. Then police came to arrest him, and detained him for eight hours.”



     This park ranger should be fired and jailed for assault . What a disgrace the authorities in this country have become . The term public servant is a thing of the past . It seems that no place are we safe from a potential assault by the State . 









HOAX: Waitress Accusing Patron Of Racial Slur On Receipt Busted As Fraud!





” Last month we ran a terrible story on a young lady, Christina Jenkins, who seemed to have been the victim of a very nasty racial slur, when she allegedly received a note saying, “none nig***” in the tip section of a customer’s receipt. See story here: Waitress gets “None Nig***” as Tip at Red Lobster, Then Suspended for Posting on Facebook.

Well, it turns out the story may not be entirely true, and the man who allegedly wrote the nasty “n” word is filing a law suit.

Devin Barnes, 20, and his wife went out to eat at the Red Lobster in question on September 7, but he says he changed his order to-go due to a family emergency. Barnes says he did not tip Jenkins, but he also says he definitely did not write the racial slur, either.”