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LA County Hired Sheriffs With History Of ‘Serious Misconduct’






” The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in 2010 hired 200 officers whose background checks showed “serious misconduct” – from harassing inmates to soliciting prostitutes – in previous law enforcement jobs, The Los Angeles Times reported.

  The newspaper cited leaked documents, saying they provided a rare glimpse into hiring decisions at the nation’s largest sheriff’s department, which has been dogged in recent years by scandals related to deputy abuse and racially based profiling.

  Of the 280 police the sheriff’s department hired after taking over the Los Angeles County police force in 2010, 200 had been rejected from other agencies “because of past misdeeds, failed entrance exams or other issues,” the newspaper reported Sunday.”



   Seventy one percent ! That figure is astounding . How are we to have faith in law enforcement when this sort of practice reveals serious lapses in judgement on the part of the management ? 







Sheriff Lee Baca and the Gun-Gift Connection




” The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is known in gun-rights circles for being stingy with concealed-weapons permits. Sheriff Lee Baca has total discretion over who is allowed to get a permit, and he hasn’t given out many.

As of May 2012, only 341 people had been granted them, according to sheriff’s records. Compare that with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, which had 1,754 permit holders in 2011, despite a population of just 2 million people to L.A.’s 10 million. The Kern County Sheriff granted even more, with 3,564 permit holders in a population of 800,000 people.

In L.A. County, records show, most of the permits go to judges and reserve deputies. But there is another group that seems to have better luck than most in obtaining permits: friends of Lee Baca. Those who’ve given the sheriff gifts or donated to his campaign are disproportionately represented on the roster of permit holders.

Michel had not looked in depth at L.A. County’s practices, but the Weekly did. Last year, the Weekly filed a public records request for all 341 active concealed-weapons permits granted by the Sheriff’s Department — as well as a list of the 123 people who applied for concealed weapons over an 18-month period but were denied. (You can see the complete list of permit holders we obtained from the Sheriff’s Department here.)

Those lists contain many of the same names that appear on Baca’s gift reports and contribution records.

In fact, more than two dozen people who have given gifts or campaign contributions to the sheriff also have gun permits. More than one out of every 10 permits issued to civilians went to people on Baca’s gift list. The permit holders include Michael R. Yamaki, an attorney and reserve deputy who is among Baca’s best friends, as well as several people who attended Baca’s 1999 wedding.”