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British Teacher Gored By Elephant And Her Boyfriend Who Also Miraculously Survived Attack On Their Safari Car



” This is the first photograph of the British teacher and her fiance whose car was flipped over by an enraged bull elephant while they were on safari in Africa.

  Sarah Brooks, 30, and her fiance Jans de Klerk were filming the animal from their car as it drank at a waterhole when it turned and went for them.

  The elephant’s tusk ripped through Miss Brooks’ upper thigh during the attack at  the Kruger National Park in South Africa, and she had to be airlifted to hospital and required an emergency operation to save her leg.”









Onboard Footage Of An RAF Drone Unleashing Hell On Taliban



Drone's Eye View




” RAF Pilot Unleashes Hell on Taliban From The Comfort in Lincolnshire First Glimpse Inside Drone HQ

  Sitting before a bank of flickering computer screens and controls, the RAF pilot flies a drone in the skies above Afghanistan.

  But the airman is not operating the £10million Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from the warzone — or even the US.

  Instead, he is 8,000 miles away in a hi-tech control hub in a remote part of East Anglia — poised to order the controversial robot to carry out airstrikes using its fearsome array of Hellfire missiles and laser-guided bombs.”