How Will ObamaCare Impact Prescription Drug Coverage?



Megyn Kelly Drug Prescription Costs



” This is a rush transcript from “The Kelly File,” December 9, 2013. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

  MEGYN KELLY, HOST: We are seeing new reports tonight about another possible consequence of the health care overhaul. While media outlets continue to dig into the issue of losing your plan or losing your doctor — you can see this cover here on the Cincinnati Enquirer — we are now hearing that you may also be losing your prescription drug coverage, or at least find to get much more expensive.

  Dr. Scott Gottlieb is a practicing physician and former senior policy adviser to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Doctor, good to see you again. And so, why is this a concern about possibly loosing or seeing a sharp uptick in the costs under your prescription drug coverage?

  DR. SCOTT GOTTLIEB, PRACTICING PHYSICIAN: Well, there are two issues. One is the co-pays on the drugs are very high. So, on average there is about 40 percent you’re going to have to pay on branded drugs compared to about 25 percent in the private sector.

  But the bigger issue is that the formula, the list of drugs or the plans cover in many cases aren’t very long. And if the drugs aren’t covered, then you’re on your own. You basically have to pay for it entirely out of pocket. And the money that you spend on those drugs doesn’t count against your out of pocket limits and it won’t count against your deductible. This could cost patients with special conditions, patients who need special drugs a lot of money. Literally tens of thousands of dollars a year.”



    Watch the whole thing . The covered prescription drug list included under Obamacare is not the same as it used to be and so many , many people are in for a shock when it comes to the drug payment coverage .