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Ants Can Sense Earthquakes A Day In Advance




” Ants know when an earthquake is about to strike, researchers have discovered. Their behavior changes significantly prior to the quake and they resume normal functioning only a day after it.

Gabriele Berberich of the University Duisburg-Essen in Germany presented these findings on Thursday at the European Geosciences Unionannual meeting in Vienna according to LiveScience.

Berberich and her colleagues discovered that red wood ants preferred to build their colonies right along active faults in Germany. They counted 15,000 ant mounds lining the faults. These faults are fractures where the Earth violently ruptures in earthquakes.

Using a special camera mounted software that tracked changes in activity, Berberich and her colleagues tracked the ants round the clock for three years, 2009 to 2012. They found that the ants’ behavior changed only when the quake was over magnitude 2. There were 10 earthquakes between magnitude 2.0 and 3.2 during this period, and many smaller ones. Humans can also sense quakes of over magnitude 2 only.” 







Does Decreasing A Smartphone’s Brightness Increase Battery Life?


” A physicist has conducted a number of experiments on his mobile phone to see how the battery life can be extended. He came up with some interesting results.

Rhett Allain is a physicist and, like most people, a smartphone user. Frustrated by the common situation of getting towards the end of the day and his smartphone battery moving rapidly from green, to amber, and then to red, he looked at how the battery life could be extended.


The outcomes of his study are shown on his Wired Science page, accompanied by various equations and neat looking charts. He carried out his experiments using an iPhone 4. In terms of the outcomes of his study, the most important finding was that if the brightness level is adjusted downwards the battery on the phone lasts for longer.”






35 Pyramids Found In Sudan Necropolis


Clustered Pyramids

Credit: Photo copyright B-N Chagny, SEDAU/SFDAS



” At least 35 small pyramids, along with graves, have been discovered clustered closely together at a site called Sedeinga in Sudan.

Discovered between 2009 and 2012, researchers are surprised at how densely the pyramids are concentrated. In one field season alone, in 2011, the research team discovered 13 pyramids packed into  roughly 5,381 square feet (500 square meters), or  slightly larger than an NBA basketball court.

They date back around 2,000 years to a time when a kingdom named Kush flourished in Sudan. Kush shared a border with Egypt and, later on, the Roman Empire. The desire of the kingdom’s people to build pyramids was apparently influenced by Egyptian funerary architecture.”