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Civil Liberties Groups Appeal Ruling Over Automatic License Plate Reader Data





” The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the ACLU Foundation of Southern California are taking the fight over automatic license plate reader (ALPR) data to the next level by asking the California Court of Appeal to rule that the public has a right to know how Los Angeles cops are tracking their locations.

  ALPRs are cameras mounted to patrol cars and fixed locations, such as light poles, that are able to capture, process, and store the license plates of every vehicle that passes nearby. The Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department together collect close to 3 million license plates each week; these data points could give police an intimate picture of the comings and goings of the entire population over several years. By our estimates, these agencies currently have an average of 61 plate scans for each vehicle registered in Los Angeles County.”


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LA County Hired Sheriffs With History Of ‘Serious Misconduct’






” The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in 2010 hired 200 officers whose background checks showed “serious misconduct” – from harassing inmates to soliciting prostitutes – in previous law enforcement jobs, The Los Angeles Times reported.

  The newspaper cited leaked documents, saying they provided a rare glimpse into hiring decisions at the nation’s largest sheriff’s department, which has been dogged in recent years by scandals related to deputy abuse and racially based profiling.

  Of the 280 police the sheriff’s department hired after taking over the Los Angeles County police force in 2010, 200 had been rejected from other agencies “because of past misdeeds, failed entrance exams or other issues,” the newspaper reported Sunday.”



   Seventy one percent ! That figure is astounding . How are we to have faith in law enforcement when this sort of practice reveals serious lapses in judgement on the part of the management ?