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Story of American Diplomat’s Death in Afghanistan Changes





” State Department employee Anne Smedinghoff was killed in Afghanistan last weekend. At first reports suggested the young diplomat was part of an armed convoy that was bombed, but new reports say that she was actually on foot. And that the group she was with got lost on its way to deliver books.

ABC reported earlier in the week:

Afghan security officials told ABC News that the State Department convoy had just left its headquarters in Qalat and joined the convoy of the local provincial governor who was also headed to the school book giveaway.

That’s when two suicide attackers attacked the convoy. The security officials said there was an initial car bomb detonated by a remote device. Then a suicide bomber wearing a suicide vest appeared and caused more casualties.

Officials said Smedinghoff and her group were on foot and not in an armored vehicle when they were killed last weekend, according to witnesses and U.S. officials interviewed by McClatchy newspapers. One of the witnesses is an Afghan TV reporter who says they were lost while walking from a book-donation event.


The McClatchy report cited by ABC reads:


A promising young U.S. Foreign Service officer, three American soldiers and a civilian government contractor who were killed Saturday in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan probably wouldn’t have been close to the blast if they hadn’t gotten lost while walking to the school where they were to participate in a book-donation ceremony, according to an Afghan television reporter who was with them and was wounded in the attack.” 






Romney Speaks


Romney In First Interview Since Election




” Romney also took a shot at President Obama saying that it kills him that he sees what’s not doing what needs to be done. He accused the president of failing to lead and putting politics ahead of the nation, adding that the president is crisscrossing the country campaigning instead of leading.

It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House doing what needs to be done. “I don’t see that kind of leadership happening right now. The hardest thing about losing is watching this critical moment, this golden moment slip away with politics.




Senators  James M. Inhofe and Jim
DeMint lay out in no uncertain terms how the left continually attempt to subvert the Constitution and subject us to the “authority” of an unelected bureaucratic elite via the treaty process and the UN .

   The time has come to withdraw all financial support of the den of thieves in Turtle Bay , evict the despots , renounce our membership and create a new international organization comprised of only democratically elected countries .

    The notion that there is any equality to be found between nations such as the US , UK , France , Japan or Canada and criminal tyrannys such as Iran , North Korea , Cuba or Venezuela is absurd on its face and should repulse any intelligent person .

  Call your congressman and find out where they stand on this blatant threat to American sovereignty . Anything that Kerry is in charge of can be counted upon to be against our best interests as a sovereign nation . Say no to Globalist government . There is a reason for American Exceptionalism . If you doubt our word , think of how Ronald Reagan felt about LOST 

   “President Ronald Reagan so strongly opposed the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea that he didn’t just not sign the treaty, he very publicly refused to sign it. He also dismissed the State Department staff that helped negotiate it. And in case anyone didn’t get the message, Reagan sent special envoy Donald Rumsfeld on a globe-trotting mission to explain his opposition and urge other nations to follow suit.”

   As a rule it is safe to say that if the UN is supporting something then the US is destined to be the one that pays the price .

  “These hearings are intended to show that Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Kerry allowed conservatives to have their say before the lame duck strategy is implemented. The deck has been stacked, with two hearings in favor and one with a 50–50 split between proponents and opponents. Kerry used a similar strategy the last time the Senate considered the LOST .  “


In other words , just like Obamacare , the people’s will be damned . Liberals , the great practitioners of ” midnight legislation” 

This is a no-brainer . Given that the union leaderships are out to maintain their cushy lifestyle and power rather than enrich their members .

“Popquiz, hotshots*: You have public-employee unions that force public-sector employees to
pay dues and make the state act as their bagman. The state refuses to collect dues and changes the law to make dues and union membership entirely voluntary. What do
people do ? That’s easy … they quit paying the dues : “

Don’t Get LOST

  Be sure and make a stink to your Senator . We don’t want to get LOST.

No UN treaties at all . These things are just blatant attempts to subvert our Constitution .  

 “Insisting Republican Senators Uphold American Values and Interests by OPPOSING LOST ( the Law of the Sea Treaty)!”