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CEO And Three Employees Of Icelandic Bank Jailed As Illegal Activity During Financial Crisis Catches Up With Them




” An Icelandic court Thursday sentenced four former bosses of the country’s Kaupthing Bank to between three and five years in prison for illegally trying to boost the firm’s fortunes during the global financial crisis.

  Sentences were handed down to Magnus Gudmundsson, the former chief executive of the Luxembourg branch; Sigurdur Einarsson, former chairman of the board; Olafur Olafsson, one of the majority owners; and Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson, the former chief executive of the entire bank.”









The Heavily-Guarded Luxembourg Factory At Centre Of The Horse Meat Lasagne Scandal

Security: The Tavola plant in Luxembourg where Camigel produces around 16,000 tonnes of frozen ready meals every year

” This is the French-owned factory which produced the Findus horse meat lasagnes being sold in UK supermarkets.

Frozen food giant Comigel produces 16,000 tonnes of ready meals in aluminium trays a year at its huge Tavola plant in Capellen, Luxembourg.

Security is said to be extremely tight with high-barbed wire fences surrounding the factory and guards preventing any non-approved visitors from entering.”

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Conservative Countries To Move To [SLIDESHOW]


Surf, sand, clear blue waters, and no direct taxation on income or Cayman businesses. Sounds a lot like a conservative's paradise.


  “Conservatives will still have a powerful voice in the House of Representatives next year, but the presidency and the Senate will remain in the hands of the Democrats.


  If that’s just too much for you to handle, here are some countries that could offer you lower taxes and more business-friendly governments.”