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10 Guns That Have Shaped The Course Of American History



” With more than 90 guns per 100 citizens and a constitutional right to bear arms, the United States has a close history with guns. 

A new book, American Gun, details the 10 firearms that have the biggest stake in American history.

The author is Chris Kyle, a legendary Navy SEAL who died in April as a result of gunshot wounds when a Marine veteran with post traumatic stress disorder turned his weapon on Kyle at a Texas shooting range.”



The M1 Garand

M1 Garand and Ammunition History

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Nostalgia Trip: 5 Classic 50s Battle Rifles



” In the 1950s cars were made out of steel, cigarettes were a food group, and men scraped the hair from their face with a straight razor. That decade where Elvis was thin and everybody liked Ike was also the golden age of the battle rifle and Guns.com is looking at five classics:

In 1953, the infant NATO military alliance adopted the US-developed 7.62×51mm T65E3 cartridge as its standard rifle round. This round was destined to replace the US .30-06 fired by the M1 Garandthe British .303 of the Commonwealth Armies, the 8mm Mauser of the West German Army and others. It brought to the table a shorter length round that still had the power of the cartridges it replaced—but with less recoil. This led to a number of so-called battle rifle designs, ending the 70-year reign of the bolt-action rifle in military service.”





Firearm of the Week, the United States Rifle, 7.62 mm,

M14, M21/M25 SWS, M1A, Mk 14 EBR






“It is better to burn out then to fade away.” Thus it was for one of the shortest-lived standard-issued battle rifles for the U. S. military. A firearm sandwiched in between the great M1 Garand and the M16, historically speaking this gun barely made a showing on the battlefield. However, in its brief appearance it made such an impression that it is once again being called in the line of duty. That rifle is the United States 7.62mm M14. “

Our Favorite Battle Rifle Is Given The Star Treatment


 Ralph at The Truth About Guns offers a review of the Springfield M1A along with a history of the development of this wonderful piece of battle hardware . 



 ” Warts and all (and there are damn few warts), I enjoyed this rifle more than anything else that I’ve shot in many years. While its accuracy is excellent and the build quality very robust, what I liked most about it was the sense of holding history in my hands. What I liked least: I’d have to send this rifle back to SA when the testing was through. Fortunately, that’s a correctable situation. ”


A True Work Of Art