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” Once again, his most-excellent John Moses Browning comes into our discussion. There is a fine line between a cannon and a gun. This cartridge flirts on that line. Anything bigger usually comes out of a cannon. In the Cartridges of the World, 12th edition, this is the end of the story; nothing is beyond JMB’s cartridge. However, Browning did not originally design this cartridge for sniping.

Browning originally designed the .50 BMG for exactly what the abbreviation says, Browning Machine Gun. The year was 1918 and the war to end all wars was drawing to a bloody conclusion. In World War I bigger became better. The .30 caliber Browning machine gun was less potent as things like tanks and airplanes began to make their presence known. Furthermore, an 11mm Hotchkiss made its debut on the battlefield of Europe. General Pershing called for a gun that would balance that new heavy cartridge technology.”




” On October 15, 1918, less than one month before the conclusion of European festivities, the first trial of Browning’s machine gun took place. The cartridge was huge, the gun enormous. It was a beast and hard to control. It would be three more years until the improvements allowed better control over this colossal cartridge. That design would be the Browning Machine Gun, Model of 1921 M1921. Later upgrades would make it the M1921A1 and in the 1930s it became the M2, or Ma Deuce.

With the Ma Deuce, this cartridge would take off from vehicles that traversed jungles, deserts, and mountains. It also served in the air and on the water. If it rolled, flew or floated, this cartridge could take it out. When mounted to the P51 Mustang fighter plane with six Browning Machine Guns, it rained .50 bullets and brass all over the skies of Europe. One word fits that thought-devastating! ”





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