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Woman ‘Found Beheaded’ In London Garden



Palmira Silva


Rest in peace Palmira Silva



” A woman was found beheaded on Thursday in a back garden in north London, according to British media reports, but police said the attack was not linked to terrorism. 

Police discovered the body in the suburb of Edmonton after being alerted at midday by local residents who said a man with a knife was attacking a cat or dog.

They would not confirm reports she had been beheaded, nor some media descriptions that the act was carried out with a machete.

A 25-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and is in custody, they said.

Police evacuated residents from their homes as the man ran through a row of back gardens.

“At first there were two police cars, then all of a sudden there were 20,” one witness, 19-year-old Ahmed Yusuf, said. “


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ID Released Of Man Fatally Shot By Broward Deputy



Broward Deputy Shoots





” The Broward Sheriff’s Office on Monday identified Deosaran Maharaj as the man fatally shot by a deputy after a woman reported that she was threatened by a man with a machete.

  She pointed out the man and his white Chevy Silverado pickup truck at a nearby Marathon gas station and convenience store, according to the Sheriff’s Office.  The truck was carrying a load of coconuts in its bed.”



   Mr Maharaj was in his truck and posing no threat as he drove away … whereupon Deputy Yesbeck pursued the deceased and pulled him over …



” Maharaj failed to comply with the commands of Deputy Paul Yesbeck to show his hands and get on the ground, the agency said. When Maharaj began rifling through his truck, Yesbeck fired multiple shots, at least one of which was fatal, according to the Sheriff’s Office.



     During the traffic stop the slain driver at no time displayed any aggressive moves towards the Deputy nor , according to the story , did Deputy Yesbeck ever even see any type of weapon let alone be threatened with one . Yet the mere gesture of reaching back into the cab of the truck , granted , one of numerous mistakes made by the late Mr Maharaj , yet that lone move away from the officer was reason enough to apply deadly force ? 


   Was this all a misunderstanding ? Was a man killed by police unnecessarily ? We can’t say what was going through Mr Maharaj’s mind and we’ll never know . Some pertinent questions that leap to mind are ; “How well did the man speak English? ” “Could the woman who started this whole affair have misunderstood what happened between herself and the victim ? ” “Was the man just reaching for his ID?” , Trying to get back in the car , where he should have stayed in the first place ? “


   Given what we know from this small article , and the fact that police nationwide have adopted the “officer safety before public service” policy , we are inclined to think of this shooting as another case of an innocent citizen gunned down in cold blood by the police state .



” Maharaj, who neighbors said used a machete to break open the coconuts he sold, was pronounced dead at the scene.”

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Friday Firepower

Edged Weapons Only

choose weapon knife 12 12 13 920 22 Choose your Weapon: short blades only (81 Photos)

Not exactly firepower , but weaponry nonetheless …



choose weapon knife 12 12 13 920 14 Choose your Weapon: short blades only (81 Photos)




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Bangkok Taxi Driver Arrested For Hacking An American To Death With A 12″ Machete Over $1.50 Fare



” A Thai taxi driver has been arrested over the murder of a US man, who he allegedly killed over a $1.50 taxi fare.

Troy Lee Pilkington, 51, was stabbed to death with a machete when he would not pay for his taxi journey in central Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday.

The 32-year-old taxi driver confessed that he pulled a 12-inch machete from his trunk and repeatedly stabbed Mr Pilkington when he refused to pay a 51 baht ($1.60) fare.

American expatriate Troy Lee Pilkington was killed in Bangkok after an altercation with a local taxi driver, Police Lt. Col. Teerayut Maiplaeng said.

Video footage from a surveillance camera captured part his ordeal, which took place Saturday on Bangkok’s busy Sukhumvit Road.”