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Laughing At Pain: 14 More Hilariously Awful Sunburns



funny sunburns, painful sunburns, sunburnt couple selfie




” The dog days of summer are upon us, which means there is still plenty of time for knuckleheads to go outside without using sunscreen and get a nasty burn. We’re trying to warn you with this collection of hilarious sunburn photos, but we know you won’t listen anyway.”




   In case the reader requires further proof of the wisdom of sun protection take a gander at this one …



funny sunburns, painful sunburns, sunburn handprint




   The other twelve equally disastrous examples of an unhealthy day at the beach can be viewed here . This post is a part two to one we did in June along the same lines … 13 Reasons to avoid falling asleep at the beach … LOL


















Camel Tow – “We’ll snatch you out of a tight spot” 











Jimmy Fallon Mocks Obamacare Sign-Up Numbers



Jimmy Fallon Mocks Obamacare




” Jimmy Fallon mocked President Obama‘s victory lap on Obamacare on Tuesday, after the president proudly announced that the healthcare.gov website received over 7 million sign-ups.

” It’s amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory and fine people if they don’t do it and then keep extending the deadline for months,” Fallon said, as his audience applauded. “It’s like a Cinderella story. It’s just a beautiful thing. You make everyone do it.” “


See The Examiner for more









Ariz. Group Used Student Fees To Lobby For Tax Hike, Sues To Keep Funding




” Since 1998, the Arizona Students’ Association has collected $1 per semester from students who attend Arizona State University, the University of Arizona, and Northern Arizona University. The fee was increased to $2 in 2008 and currently brings in about $600,000 per year. Students who don’t want to pay must fill out a form and mail it to ASA to receive a refund.

That changed in February, when the Arizona Board of Regents voted to alter the group’s funding mechanism so that students would have to opt in to pay the fee by checking a box on their tuition form.

A spokesperson for ASA characterized the policy change as political retaliation for going against the wishes of the regents in the November 2012 election. ASA spent over $120,000 actively campaigning for Proposition 204, which would have imposed a one-cent sales tax to raise money for higher education. The regents and Republican lawmakers opposed the proposition, and voters rejected it.”