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Puppies Woofs






The most powerful anti-depressant in the world has four paws and a wagging tail … 










WhistleGPS- Never Lose Your Dog





” WhistleGPS is the smallest, longest-lasting and most affordable pet location and activity monitor available. Know where your dog is and see their daily adventures directly on your phone.

  WhistleGPS syncs automatically with your phone and alerts you to changes in activity levels. The app shows you where they are, who they’re with, and what they’re up to each day. So, even if your pup decides to go exploring on their own, you’ll always have a way to find them.

Frequently asked questions:

What is WhistleGPS?
  WhistleGPS is an on-collar location and activity monitoring device for your best friend. The device communicates with the Whistle mobile app to make sure you never lose your dog, while providing insights into their everyday health and activity.
How does WhistleGPS work?
  WhistleGPS uses Global Positioning Satellites and breakthrough cellular technology (Sub-GHz) to locate your dog on demand. This technology enables WhistleGPS to offer the smallest device, longest battery life, and most economical pet location service on the market.
How much does WhistleGPS cost?
  WhistleGPS will retail for $129, plus a $5 monthly service fee. We are offering a special pre-order price of $49 until May 28, 2014.
Is there a monthly fee?
  Yes, WhistleGPS has a $5 monthly service fee for location services. This is the lowest monthly fee of any pet GPS tracking device on the market.”


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From Senior Airman Brian Kolfage

” This was sent to me by a fan. A soldier and his working dog arrived back on US soil exhausted. As the soldier sleeps his working dog stands guard over him. There’s no other animal who is as dedicated to humans as k9’s .”

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