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” Guess who has a bigger home than Mitt Romney? In fact, guess who has a home that is more than twice the size of Mitt Romney?  If you guessed Jeff Bezos, the man whose new toy is The Washington Post, you would be right.

  Owner Bezos, whose paper traffics in class warfare, has a house in Medina, Washington that is “29,000 square feet spread over two buildings with 200 yards of shoreline.” Even if one divides this in half, an individual building would be 14,500 square feet. And that’s not all.

  Down the coast in Beverly Hills, the Post owner also maintains a 12,000 foot mansion complete with a “pool, a sunken tennis court, a gym, a, greenhouse, and a separate guesthouse.” Variety, the bible of entertainment goings-on, headlined this Bezos purchase this way:  

  So Post owner Bezos has not one but two houses bigger than Romney’s. Now there’s a headline you won’t see inThe Washington Post . “


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Mr 1% collects from “the people” again

  “Mr. Obama, who has made Mitt Romney’swealth a signature issue during this campaign season, had no problem hobnobbing with
wealthy New York and Hollywood figures who joined him in the spacious house in Westport
complete with swimming pool and badminton court within sight of Long Island Sound.

   Two gold Oscar statues sat on shelves as Mr. Obama addressed 60 donors who forked over $
35,800 each for the privilege. Among the guests were Anne Hathaway, who played Catwoman in
“The Dark Knight Rises,” the new Batman film; Jerry Springer, the talk show host; Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue magazine; Joanne Woodward, the actress and widow of Paul Newman; Aaron Sorkin, creator of television shows like “The
Newsroom” and “The West Wing”; and Gov. Daniel P. Malloy of Connecticut.”