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U.S. Marines To Be Armed On Base At All Times Under Commandant’s New Plan




” Marine Corps Commandant Jim Amos is sponsoring tough new measures to be put in place in barracks across the service. His stated objective is to “reawaken” the Corps morally and reduce the incidences of bad behavior.

The General detailed his plan Monday during the General Officer Symposium at Quantico, Va. Included are a variety of new initiatives, such as the installation of security cameras in each barracks, an increase in the noncommissioned officers staff, as well as officers. Notably, the commandant has called for the arming of all Marines on duty at all times.

In his remarks, the commandant said, “It is impossible to overstate my pride in the brilliant performance of our Marines through 12 years of sustained combat,” his statement said. “As the Corps resets itself for the conflicts and crises to come, the magnificence of the many has thrown into sharp relief the failure of the few to live up to our high standards. Rather than wait for a creeping complacency to set in, I’m turning to my leaders at all levels to refocus Marines on what we do and who we are.” “









Dropped Case On Taliban Desecration Saves Face For Marine Commandant





” The Marine Corps has suddenly dropped criminal charges against an officer in the infamous Taliban urination video case, heading off what promised to be an embarrassing pretrial hearing for the Corps’ commandant Wednesday.

Defense attorneys for Capt. James V. Clement had won a judge’s order, over objections from Marine prosecutors, for two staff attorneys to testify in open court about how senior commanders interfered in the case to get a guilty verdict.”