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Democrat Sen Kirsten Gillibrand Admits “We All Knew” Obama Was Lying About Keeping Your Plan


     The arrogance of the Left continues to amaze . They knew they were lying to us , but it was for our own good , because we are too stupid to make our own choices and need “Big Brother” State to guide us through this life . In the Statist’s eyes we are not competent enough to make our own decisions and run our own lives . 





” “The president and I, as I have made very clear, have a very good relationship. We’re open with each other. We’re honest with each other,” said Boehner.

“Do you trust President Obama?” Raddatz asked.

“Absolutely,” Boehner replied.

Framing Republicans as out-of-touch radicals, Raddatz then asked, “President Obama says these meetings are intended to find members of the common-sense caucus who he can make a deal with …. Are you not a member of the common-sense caucus?”

Boehner, falling for the trap, shot back, “I’m part of the common-sense caucus.”



Boehner is the dumbest Speaker I’ve ever seen . Fire him now .






Joe Biden confirmed Obama’s anti-
market tendencies.


  ” Moderator Martha Raddatz skimped on the economy in her questioning, letting the two
candidates bicker over the weather in Afghanistan rather than querying them on housing policy, financial reform, or spurring new investments—yet Biden managed to
highlight his opposition to the GOP on all three topics. On housing, Biden castigated the Romney-Ryan ticket, saying that in contrast to the Republicans, “we knew we had to act for the middle class. . . . We
moved in and helped people refinance their homes. Governor Romney said, ‘No, let foreclosures hit the bottom.’” Ryan took a pass on this provocation, though it was an opening for him. He should have said: Yes, that is our position, and we’re proud of it because it worked. He could have asked:
Would Obama and Biden prefer that home prices remain at unsustainable bubble-era levels, shutting young families who want to
avoid a mountain of debt out of the
marketplace? “

What Media Bias ?


From Breitbart


  ” Here are Raddatz’s attacks:
Attack #1: Holding Ryan and Romney, not Biden or Obama, accountable for Libya statements.
I just want to talk to you about right in the middle of the crisis. Governor Romney — and you’re talking about this again tonight — talked about the weakness, talked about apologies from the Obama administration. Was that really appropriate right in the middle of the crisis?
Here, Raddatz was providing cover for Biden, as she primed the topic of Libya by focusing on the intelligence gathered and what “people” said, rather than the Obama Administration’s lying about the cause of the attack:
What were you first told about the attack? Why were people talking about protests? When people in the consulate first saw armed men attacking with guns, there were no protesters. Why did that go on for weeks?


Just Look At The Scowl 



Or Is It More A Look Of Disgust ? Obama Must Give Great Wedding Gifts .


Attack #2: Asking Ryan–and only Ryan–to respond to American misdeeds in war.
Mr. Ryan, I want to ask you about — the Romney campaign talks a lot about no apologies. He has a book called “No Apologies.” Should the U.S. have apologized for Americans burning Qurans in Afghanistan? Should the U.S. apologize for U.S. Marines urinating on Taliban corpses?

Attack #3: Asking what the Romney/Ryan team would do, but not Obama/Biden, about Iran.
How will you do it so quickly? Look, you both saw Benjamin Netanyahu hold up that picture of a bomb with the red line and talking about the red line being in spring. So can you solve this — if the Romney-Ryan ticket is elected, can you solve this in two months before spring and avoid nuclear –

Attack #4: Asking Ryan specific questions on unemployment, while letting Biden avoid them.
Raddatz asked when each team expected to get unemployment below 6%, but then, after Biden was evasive, 
kept asking Ryan: “When could you get it below 6 percent?”

Attack #6: Attacking Ryan–and only Ryan–for past legislative stances,
While discussing Medicare, Biden brought up Social Security for a moment. Ryan responded, and then Raddatz suddenly turned to Ryan and accused, “You were one of the few lawmakers to stand with President Bush when he was seeking to partially privatize Social Security.”

Attack #7: Accusing Ryan of not offering “specifics”–and interrupting him:
“You have refused yet again to offer specifics on how you pay for that 20 percent across-the-board tax cut. Do you actually have the specifics, or are you still working on it, and that’s why you won’t tell voters?” After Ryan tried to explain, she cut him off, barking, “Do you have the specifics? Do you have the math? Do you know exactly what you’re doing?” She followed by interrupting him again, “No specifics, yeah.”

Attack #8: Falsely accusing Ryan of wanting to add to the defense budget.
Ryan tried over and over to explain that he and Romney weren’t increasing the defense budget, just not cutting it, but Raddatz was deaf to him. Thus: 
Raddatz: And you’re going — and you’re going to increase the defense budget.
Ryan: Think about it this way.
Raddatz: And you’re going to increase the defense budget.

Attack #9: Asking Ryan, not Biden, about the implications of his stance on abortion.
Instead of asking Biden why his administration favors abortion-on-demand, Raddatz turned on Ryan: 
I want to go back to the abortion question here. If the Romney-Ryan ticket is elected, should those who believe that abortion should remain legal be worried?

It’s sickening to think that the Republicans have to fight their opponents as well as the moderators in these debates. Those who were suspicious of Raddatz before the debate were absolutely correct. 

It is a testament to Ryan’s success that he managed to maintain his composure and win a two-to-one battle, according to most polls.”




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Conflict of Interest ? Nah ..

ABC News Scrambles To Cover Up Barack Obama’s Attendance At VP Debate Moderator’s Wedding



  ” President Barack Obama was a guest at the 1991 wedding of ABC senior foreign correspondent and vice presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz, The Daily Caller has learned. Obama and groom Julius Genachowski, whom Obama would later tap to head the Federal Communications Commission, were Harvard Law School classmates at the time and members of the Harvard Law Review.

After TheDC made preliminary inquiries Monday to confirm Obama’s attendance at the wedding, ABC leaked a pre-emptive statement to liberal-leaning news outlets including Politico and The Daily Beast Tuesday, revealing what may have been internal network pressure felt just days before Raddatz was scheduled to moderate the one and only vice-presidential debate Thursday night.”