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Hawthorne Dog Shooting: Police Threatened By Hacking Group Anonymous




” The Hawthorne Police Department is being threatened by the self-described “hacktivist” group Anonymous. Their cyber threat is in response to the controversial shooting of a dog by a Hawthorne officer.

The video of the shooting has gone viral online with nearly four million views on YouTube. Now, a video allegedly posted by the group Anonymous threatens retaliation.

Their message: “Police of Hawthorne, you must know that you are our primary target. This matter will not remain unresolved.” “







Police Who Shot And Killed Dog As They Arrested Owner For FILMING Them Are Pulled Off The Street For THEIR Safety As They Are Bombarded With Death Threats


Dead: The officer continues to shoot the dog several times. A police spokesman says they were protecting Rosby too


” Three police officers have been pulled from street duty for their safety in Southern California after a video of them shooting a dog dead as they arrested its owner hit the internet. 

A cellphone video that had more than 3.7 million views on YouTube by Thursday morning shows the dog, named Max, being shot after scrambling out of a car’s back seat through a window and lunging at officers who had handcuffed its master.

The dog’s owner Leon Rosby had been filming a police raid in Hawthrone California, and was arrested for alleged obstruction of justice.”



You can see the actual video here : Man Arrested For Filming Police Watches Cops Kill His Dog