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A Very Dangerous Game

” New York City police authorities are investigating a series of unprovoked physical attacks in public places on people who are Jewish, in the form of what is called “the knockout game.”

The way the game is played, one of a number of young blacks decides to show that he can knock down some stranger on the streets, preferably with one punch, as they pass by. Often some other member of the group records the event, so that a video of that “achievement” is put on the Internet, to be celebrated.

The New York authorities describe a recent series of such attacks and, because Jews have been singled out in these attacks, are considering prosecuting these assaults as “hate crimes.” “

    Our “post-racial” president , you remember him  , the one that was going to usher in a new era of racial healing , has remained notably silent on this issue although he had plenty to say when the thug who looked like his son was killed and he rushed to condemn police for “acting stupidly” in arresting his buddy Professor Henry Louis Gates without first obtaining the facts .

      Where is the Presidential outrage when the victims are white ? When the crimes have led to at least seven deaths ? Our post-racial president is a fraud on the issue of race just as he is with virtually everything else . Racial attacks have skyrocketed in his era and not only does he say nothing but the MSM , his cheerleading squad , twists itself into pretzels trying to avoid discussing the surge in black-on-white crime .

   Below you can see stories of some of the fatalities caused by this “game” that predominantly features black males attacking whites totally unprovoked … as a matter of fact the lack of provocation and the complete surprise generated by the “sucker punches” is an integral part of the “sport” .

   This young man lost his life in Minnesota …

   New Jersey is where this man was killed 

    The internet is filled with stories of these racist attacks , although you wouldn’t know it if your only means of information was the MSM . fortunately there is a book out by Colin Flaherty that is full of documented cases of both the “knockout game” attacks and more “routine” black-on-white crime that passes virtually unacknowledged by the press .

   Mr Flaherty has invested tremendous time and energy in researching “White Girl Bleed A Lot” and in it he documents the growing trend of black-on-white criminal assault that can take the form of random beatings , mob violence , wilding , the “knockout game” and other types of racially motivated crime .

    Where is the media ?  Where is our “national healer” ? He’s not in Gettysburg celebrating the 150th anniversary of , arguably , the most important speech on race this country has ever heard . He’s nowhere on this issue and that should be enough for him to be seen once and for all as the post-racial poseur that he is .

Black Mob Pounces On Woman: ‘Shut Up White [bleep!]’




” As the black mob kicked her in the face, pulled her hair and punched her – all the while directing racial slurs at her – Ginger Slepski thought she was going to die.

She didn’t. This Pittsburgh electrician and mother of two escaped with torn ligaments in her shoulder and cuts and bruises that most police reports call “minor injuries.”

The black mob attack happened Sunday as Slepski pulled up to a stop sign in the black part of Pittsburgh.

Channel 11 News in Pittsburgh picks up the story:

Slepski was savagely beaten after the girls threw a bottle at her car on Concord Street and she stopped to confront them.”



  Here are a host of links from WND that highlight the racial attacks taking place nationwide and largely being ignored or downplayed by the media and law enforcement .


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Blogger: Why don’t blacks behave?

Judge to black perps: What are you doing with your lives?

Black mob violence hits Nordstrom








BENGHAZI SCANDAL! (Featuring Andrew Klavan)

HT/Independent Journal Review

Black-Mob Violence Surges During Holiday Period




” This Christmas season saw dozens of episodes of black mob violence in malls, clubs, streets and other places around the country. Such attacks are part of an epidemic of hundreds of cases of black mob violence in more than 80 cities over the last three years, as documented in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it.”

These attacks follow similar incidents on Memorial Day, Labor Day, the Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day and other holidays in 2012.

In Baton Rouge over the weekend, a mob of 200 black people caused a panic at the Mall of Louisiana after they began fighting and running through the shopping center.

According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, some were “screaming in terror.” Others called it a “stampede.” WWLTV called it “chaotic and scary.”

Hundreds of shoppers fled in panic. Others took refuge in small shops, where the managers sheltered customers behind locked doors to protect them from the rampaging crowd while the mall was closed and evacuated.

After leaving the shopping center, the rioters descended on Perkins Rowe, a neighboring shopping and residential district, where the violence and lawlessness continued.

This is one of several episodes of black mob violence in Baton Rouge over the last year.

“A similar incident at the Mall of Louisiana about a year ago led to the shootings of two teenagers,” said the Advocate.

See the Big List of black mob violence.

In February, police used pepper spray on a black mob of 600 waiting for the release of a new style of basketball shoe.

In September, WFAB reported Baton Rouge police had to break up a riot of more than 100 black people at a skating rink. One man brandished a gun, and families were “fearing for their lives.”

Several witnesses at the most recent Mall of Louisiana riot reported seeing and hearing weapons, but local police said there were no shots fired.

Video of the event shows the rioters were black. But the paper described the rioters as teenagers – a fact that several who posted comments on the paper’s web site wondered about:

Please explain to me your thought process in concluding that telling the truth is racist. The fact is that the 200 or so people involved were indeed black. There have been numerous instances of what black teens and young adults call “swarming”. ”




Union Protesters Called Hot Dog Vendor “Uncle Tom” And “N*gger” But You Won’t Hear About It In The Mainstream Media



Union Racism


 ” The mainstream media is silent about the union violence in general because it does not fit their narrative, and the racist conduct of the union members is off limits.  “Progressives” are spreading conspiracy theories that this all was staged.

We ask this question time and again — What if the Tea Party had done this?

[FYI, the Stranahan post at Breitbart refers to someone in a Guy Fawkes / Occupy style mask.  I captured that image from a video in my earlier post.  The images also are here and here.] “