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    In remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice here are some links to Memorial Day posts from our archives … 


Americans Forget The Meaning Of Memorial Day!

Know Your History … The Origins Of Memorial Day

A Little Reminder Of What Memorial Day Is Really About …

Memorial Day Via The Looking Spoon

What Memorial Day Is Really All About

History Of Memorial Day

Military.com Memorial Day Tribute

No Daily Comedy 5.27.13 – Memorial Day Tributes

Daily Video 5.27.13 Memorial Day 2013

Thank You , Mr President … For Staying Away From Arlington On Memorial Day




Thank you veterans , both living and deceased , we honor your sacrifice …

















Published on May 23, 2014

” Montel Williams gave a passionate, emotional speech about the need for congress and the administration to stop dragging their feet and being political with veterans problems and get them corrected. He was attending a veterans picnic in Myrtle Beach for Memorial Day.”

Daily Comedy 5.26.14






Uploaded on Oct 3, 2008

” Very funny pictures of what happens when our troops get bored…. “

Veterans Day / Memorial Day Tribute





Published on Nov 11, 2012

” A 15-minute video tribute I produced for a local Veterans Day program. This was originally a multi-part presentation but here it is in its entirety. Thank you to all of our veterans, past and present.

Music credits:
“Honor” by Hans Zimmer, Blake Neely, Geoff Zanelli
“I’m Already There” by Lonestar
“Main Titles From The American President” by Marc Shaiman
“Honor (For Oboe And Strings)” by Hans Zimmer, Blake Neely, Geoff Zanelli
“Hymn To the Fallen” by John Williams “

Minot J. Savage



” The brave die never, though they sleep in dust:
Their courage nerves a thousand living men.”










Michael Ramirez















… And It’s Not Barbeques , Boats And Beer















Photos of Breitbart – One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened








The Looking Spoon






















… Thank You Veterans 




Artist Unknown … But Greatly Admired … Thank You Who Ever You Are 







From Military.com












Gary Sinise Honors Veterans at National Memorial Day Concert



Published on May 25, 2013

” Col. Allen West catches up with actor Gary Sinise during rehearsals the day before the National Memorial Day Concert in D.C. takes place. Sinise will co-host the event along with actor Joe Mantegna, and the line-up will feature performances by The National Symphony Orchestra, U.S. Army Chorus, the U.S. Navy Band Sea Changers, as well as appearances by Gen. Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.), Candice Glover, Ed Harris, Alfie Boe, and many others.

Col. West had a more in-depth interview with Gary Sinise and they spoke about the Gary Sinise Foundation and the actor’s commitment to helping our veterans. That interview will be available to see on our website, NextGeneration.tv.”

Memorial Day 2013

Published on May 26, 2013

” We were part of the Human Driveway for the Gold Start Families at the Memorial Day Celebration at Woodward Park in Manteca, CA on May 26, 2013.”





Memorial Day


Published on May 26, 2013

” this tribute is to commemorate the soldiers who have sacrificed with honor the country called the United States and the world for some peace”

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GOP: Energy High On IRS Scandal





” GOP lawmakers home for the Memorial Day recess predict they won’t have to do anything to further fan the flames over the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups.

The IRS’s treatment of Tea Party groups seeking tax-exempt status has already kept the full attention of Washington, and the public, for two full weeks – a length of time by which other many other controversies have faded into the background.

But in this case, the Washington media is showing no signs of losing interest, even as new developments – like the update on President Obama’s drone policies and the Oklahoma tornado – keep popping up.

“Even liberals and progressives in my district, that kind of like it that the Tea Party got it stuck to them because they don’t like the Tea Party know in their heart [that] the next administration could tip it my way.” “


Illustration by Dave Granlund









       A thoughtful reader(Dave Allen @GloryToTheBoys) requested a shoutout for this video and we here at youviewed.com will never pass up an opportunity to offer our thanks and support to our “rough men who stand ready … ” especially on this weekend of Memorial Day .

God Bless The Troops

” Published on Aug 3, 2010

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© Dementia 2010. The single recorded by ‘Dementia’, and written by Dave Allen in aid of armed forces across the world, fighting for peace and freedom in todays hostile world. More details can be found at http://www.afghanheroes.org.uk “

How To Prepare For The Perfect Road Trip



” Hitting the road for Memorial Day? PopMech’s Editor-in-Chief gives you the checklist for a classic family vacation—with an assist from modern technology, of course.”


Keep Tech in Perspective

” These days it is common to see families barreling down the interstate with each kid wrapped in headphones and lost in a movie or video game. There’s no question that DVD players, game devices, and the like can make long drives easier, but all this distraction comes at a price. When will these kids learn to whine and squabble like my generation did? Seriously, though, think twice before using digital entertainment as a universal kid silencer. Turning on the DVD player every time children get slightly restless is a bit like pacifying them with big, sugary drinks; over time they will demand that any hint of boredom be immediately washed away with a flood of empty-calorie entertainment.”


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Conservatives Against Obama And His Liberal Agenda

No Longer Bush’s Fault








Black-Mob Violence Surges During Holiday Period




” This Christmas season saw dozens of episodes of black mob violence in malls, clubs, streets and other places around the country. Such attacks are part of an epidemic of hundreds of cases of black mob violence in more than 80 cities over the last three years, as documented in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it.”

These attacks follow similar incidents on Memorial Day, Labor Day, the Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day and other holidays in 2012.

In Baton Rouge over the weekend, a mob of 200 black people caused a panic at the Mall of Louisiana after they began fighting and running through the shopping center.

According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, some were “screaming in terror.” Others called it a “stampede.” WWLTV called it “chaotic and scary.”

Hundreds of shoppers fled in panic. Others took refuge in small shops, where the managers sheltered customers behind locked doors to protect them from the rampaging crowd while the mall was closed and evacuated.

After leaving the shopping center, the rioters descended on Perkins Rowe, a neighboring shopping and residential district, where the violence and lawlessness continued.

This is one of several episodes of black mob violence in Baton Rouge over the last year.

“A similar incident at the Mall of Louisiana about a year ago led to the shootings of two teenagers,” said the Advocate.

See the Big List of black mob violence.

In February, police used pepper spray on a black mob of 600 waiting for the release of a new style of basketball shoe.

In September, WFAB reported Baton Rouge police had to break up a riot of more than 100 black people at a skating rink. One man brandished a gun, and families were “fearing for their lives.”

Several witnesses at the most recent Mall of Louisiana riot reported seeing and hearing weapons, but local police said there were no shots fired.

Video of the event shows the rioters were black. But the paper described the rioters as teenagers – a fact that several who posted comments on the paper’s web site wondered about:

Please explain to me your thought process in concluding that telling the truth is racist. The fact is that the 200 or so people involved were indeed black. There have been numerous instances of what black teens and young adults call “swarming”. ”




I’m late to the party with this one and only became aware of it from a commenter on another blog .
   In any event , perhaps you were unaware as well . If so , enlighten yourselves .

Via The Teaparty Tribune

As if there weren’t enough reasons to despise the man ….


“Vietnam veterans and the families of Vietnam veterans killed in action whose names are etched on the Wall were denied access to their memorial today, of all days,
Memorial Day.

The Vietnam Memorial was
shutdown, cleared and secured for
approximately 5 hours prior to Obama, his cronies and hand picked veterans for a 15 minute appearance by Obama. It’s obvious
it was all for show. After all, this is an election year.

Hundreds if not thousands of Vietnam veterans and families of Vietnam veterans killed in Vietnam stood in disbelief as Secret
Service, Park Police, Washington, DC Police, etc., blocked all access to the Vietnam Memorial and kept everyone approximately 100 yards away from their memorial for the
first time in the history of the Memorial so Obama could get some photos of him at the
Veterans in uniforms stood in the heat angered as Obama makes them wait. It was a photo op at their expense and families of
those killed in Vietnam.”