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Meet Mia Love. You’ll Be Seeing A Lot More Of The Republicans’ First Black Congresswoman





” For at least half a century, the party of Lincoln has battled charges that it is racist, sexist and anti-immigrant.

  Today, voters from a conservative state made those arguments a little bit harder to make. In Utah, Mia Love became the first black Republican woman — and first Haitian American — elected to Congress.

  For the GOP — a house divided that faces significant demographic hurdles to winning the White House in 2016 even as it celebrates President Obama’s shellacking — this was huge. A party threatened with extinction among African Americans and immigrants now has someone to brag about in Washington. In a wave election less about fresh Republican ideas than fervid disapproval of all things presidential, Love’s compelling personal story is an oasis. She’s not just a black face in what’s often described as a party full of angry old white men. She’s a path forward.

  It’s hard to overstate how unlikely Love’s victory looked on paper. Utah is less than 1 percent black. Though more than 60 percent of the state’s population identifies as a member of the Church of Latter-day Saints, the church is just 3 percent black. Love, 38, is one of these few black Mormons — part of a church that, until 1978, didn’t let African Americans participate in all church activities and still hasn’t apologized for its racism. “


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Mia Love Wins GOP Primary





” Mia Love, a former Saratoga Springs, Utah mayor and a favorite among the pro-liberty, pro-Constitution Tea Party movement, easily won the Republican primary to replace the retiring Democrat Congressman Jim Matheson, from Utah’s 4th congressional district.

  On Saturday, Mia Love easily defeated businessman Bob Fuehr by a 78% – 22% margin, and will now face Salt Lake attorney, Democrat Doug Owens for the seat in the general election.

  Love rose to stardom in 2012, when she barely lost to Matheson, by only 800 total votes, and promised a rematch.”


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CPAC 2013 – Blogger of the Year Award

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” MSNBC protects the meme any way it can “

  “The cast and management at MSNBC really, really want their viewers — all 20 of them now,
I believe — to understand that the Republican Party is raaaaaaaaaaaacist , and that the GOP convention is nothing more than a bunch of white men talking and applauding. They are so
desperate to sell their meme latent Republican racism that they simply averted their eyes every time a speaker that didn’t fit their lone talking point took the stage:

“Love Bomb”


“Mia Love is speaking Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention. We’re organizing a “Love Bomb” for the day of her
speech. The Love Bomb is about bringing supporters together to make a big difference in this race by raising $50,000 for Mia.”

We’ve spoken of Ms Love in the past and are thrilled that she has received the attention of the gentlemen from Powerline . That can’t but help her visibility and fund raising .

If you are looking for a strong , freedom loving candidate to support , please show  Mia some of your love .

  ” Today’s Washington Post contains a front page story about  Mia Love , the Republican candidate for Congress in Utah’s Fourth Congressional District. Love, age 36, is the mayor of Saratoga
Springs, a rapidly growing Utah town of about 18,000. She is also Black, Mormon, and quite
conservative. If elected, she will become the first Black female Republican member of.Congress.”

Learn about Richard Mourdock here. Regular readers are already familiar with another of youviewed.com‘s favorites , Mia Love . in the coming days we will be highlighting other candidates of fiscal responsibility so stay tuned .

Courtesy of Glenn Reynolds and PJmedia we have a wonderful opportunity to get to know a rising star on the Teaparty/Libertarian/republican side of the aisle . Since the taping of this video Ms Love has won the republican nomination for the newly created 4th congressional district in Utah .
This young woman is a breath of fresh air amidst the smog of the American political scene . Any politician that knows and can quote Frederic Bastiat is deserving of our attention. Please support her candidacy .

“Just minutes ago, Mia B. Love won the Utah-04 nomination at the Utah Republican Convention. Love received 70.5% of the vote on the second ballot, defeating Carl Wimmer who received 29.5. ”

We are Breitbart , We are the Teaparty . Onward …

Courtesy of Gateway Pundit “Breaking: Utah Delegates
Force Orrin Hatch Into
Primary in Senate Race ”

Good luck and Godspeed to Dan Liljenquist Dan Liljenquist . Check him out , donate and help retire another go-along to get-along establishment hack .

Long Live The Teaparty . Eat that OWS …

PS : Don’t forget Mia Love Mia Love