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Schools Stockpile Grenade Launchers, M16 Rifles, Armored Vehicles And Other Military Equipment






” Nearly two dozen legal, civil rights, and education advocacy organizations recently sent a letter to the U.S. departments of Defense, Justice and Education to plead with federal officials to stop sending military equipment, weapons and armored vehicles to public schools.

  The move comes as an increasing number of school districts across the country take part in the Department of Defense’s Excess Property Program, commonly known as the 1033 program. The Huffington Post reports that at least 20 schools have taken in military-grade equipment, from grenade launchers to laptops, since the program started in 1997.

  The equipment is given to schools, public university police forces and local police agencies free of charge, but is considered to be on indefinite loan from the government.

“ The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, demonstrate the tensions that invariably develop between local law enforcement and the community when military equipment is unnecessarily deployed against citizens,” according to the letter submitted to Mark Harnitchek, director of the Defense Logistics Agency that oversees the program.”


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MRAPS for all … To protect and serve … The State







ACLU Has Concerns Over Military Weapons Used By Local Police




” ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The American Civil Liberties Union wants to know what kind of military weaponry and tactics are being turned over to local police by the Department of Defense and Homeland Security.

The ACLU feels the surplus equipment, things like flash-bang grenades, shock cuffs, and tracking devices that are being handed down, are leading to more aggressive policing, especially in poor neighborhoods and neighborhoods of color.

John Chasnoff with the ACLU of Eastern Missouri describes an incident that happened in Michigan. “A S.W.A.T. team threw flash-bang grenades into a house then, when the S.W.A.T. team rushed in, they got confused and ended up killing a young girl who was sleeping on a couch.” “

This a very disturbing trend . It’s about time the ACLU shed it’s partisan blinders and participated in the discussion .










Americans Fear Government | Roger Sayles, From Sovereign to Serf  SERFS-UP.NET

Majority Says the Federal Government Threatens Their Personal Rights

As Barack Obama begins his second term in office, trust in the federal government remains mired near a historic low, while frustration with government remains high. And for the first time, a majority of the public says that the federal government threatens their personal rights and freedoms.

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  The time for reining in the out of control bureaucracy is upon us . I always had the impression that it was Congress’ job to make laws . As law enforcement proliferates , our liberties diminish . It is only a matter of time before the next Ruby Ridge or Waco . The militarization of the domestic peace officer corp is quickly morphing into an ” internal security ” force and you know what kind of society needs/produces that . 


    “In one of the most blatant moves by the BATFE, they are now deciding on what shotguns they want to outlaw that are currently available to citizens.  In a recent report from the Greeley Gazette, they announce their plans to deprive the American people of our right to bear shotguns with certain features. As if the words, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” have no meaning, the BATFE is now taking the “law” into their own hands, without consent of “We the People”.  Jack Minor of the Greeley Gazette reports:”

The makings of a police state are all around us . This is just the tip of the iceberg . The terrorists are winning . Even without a major attack in over a decade they have managed to get us to approve of the erosion of our own liberties in the name of “public safety” .As Benjamin Franklin said ” Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. ”



Are we deserving of Liberty ?