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Daily Video 5.17.15

5 Things You Don’t Know About: Sniper Rifles





Published on Jan 9, 2015

” This original Military.com series looks at sniper rifles and quickly recounts five “unknown” facts or stories about them.

For more Military.com originals see our our video channel: http://www.military.com/video/militar… “










Best Veteran Employers: A Top-35 List


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” What makes an employer a top veteran employer? Depending on who you ask and what factors you use, you’ll get a bunch of different answers.  Below is one list, the “35 Most Valuable Employers for Military,” compiled by Civilian Job News. They took a look at a variety of companies both large and small in multiple industries. Included with each listing below are links to more information about veteran hiring, as well as current Monster.com job postings for those companies (where available).

  Another method is to check out companies that are interested in hiring you like those found on Military.com’s Veteran Employer Profiles. This list of more than 30 companies isn’t just raw data: each listing will help guide veterans toward securing career and not just a job with a given company.

  Whatever you choose, we’ve compiled Civilian Job News’ original list for you below. If you’ve had experiences with these companies, how would you rate them? Are they deserving of being included in this top-35 list? Or are there other companies you’ve worked with who you think should be included? Sound off below. “


Visit Military.com for their list of the most veteran friendly companies













Viewer’s Choice Top 10 Videos Of 2013





   The SR-71 Blackbird has always been one of our favorite aircraft . Watch this video from Military.com‘s viewer’s choice selections and then see the rest of the top ten videos here .









Military Channel’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide



Jeep ActionCamper - Whether you want to escape with a ...


Image Credit: Action Camper

” Jeep ActionCamper – Whether you want to escape with a companion and/or escape your companion, the ActionCamper will be sure that you do so in comfort.”


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Trip to Normandy Sweepstakes

From Military History: Objects of Warfare




” The Grand Prize Winner will receive:

• A seven day, six night trip for two (2) to Normandy, France, including airfare and hotel accommodations

• A $500 travel voucher

• Three activity vouchers (such as museum tickets, tour of Normandy, or other attractions)

• A copy of Military History: The Definitive Visual Guide to the Objects of Warfare

Twenty-five runner-up winners will receive a hardcover copy of the book and a Military Channel t-shirt.

MILITARY HISTORY is the definitive visual guide to the technology of warfare; from the siege towers and catapults employed by ancient invaders to the unmanned drones and stealth bombers used by today’s armed forces.”


Everyone knows that burial at sea story was fishy. Here is the real truth.

Compact Ultralight Machine Gun | Military.com.

  “AAI Corp. recently showed off the latest version of its Lightweight Small Arms Technology light machine gun at Modern Day Marine 2012. The new version has a shortened barrel and a folding, telescoping stock. LSAT is a U.S. Army program to cut the weight of its light machine guns and ammunition by up to 50 percent. The weapon weighs only nine pounds and fires 5.56mm case-telescoped ammunition.”

Click the link to see the video .


The Early Days of Motorized Military Vehicles

GMC World War I military truck

  “The U.S Army’s first use of trucks in a military operation was in the “Punitive Expedition” in pursuit of “Pancho” Villa into the mountains of northern Mexico in 1916.  The Villistas had raided Columbus, N.M., killing several people and causing much damage.  Brigadier General John Pershing organized a large force of troops, horses, and vehicles to catch Villa.  Among the motor vehicles were some 1915 GMC model 15, three-quarter-ton trucks.”