Milwaukie Woman Pulls Gun On Intruder



” An intruder in Milwaukie tried to break into a home after he had already walked into two other apartments and had a gun pulled on him Friday night.

The man was captured on surveillance video walking up to a home and looking through a window at children playing with their babysitter. The man is then seen trying to open the door and get inside. When he discovers the door is locked, he takes off. 

Before trying to get in the home, the man had reportedly walked in two other apartments. In one, he followed Crystal McKinney upstairs and inside.”


    The armed citizen is the greatest deterrent to crime , of that there is no doubt . Criminals have little to fear from the police and everything to fear if they know that their potential victims are not defenseless sheep . Kudos to Ms McKinney for having the gun handy and for being confident enough of her abilities to use it in her own and our defense . We say “our” defense even though we live thousands of miles from her town in Oregon because every successful defense against the criminal class by law-abiding citizens makes all of us safer . 

The progressive trend of deferring to the police and disarming the public over the past couple generations , which thankfully is receding , has been a major cause of the rise in crime . When criminals have no fear of consequences crime proliferates . When thugs fear for their safety they go elsewhere or pay a price . We are all better off for Ms McKinney’s actions and for that we thank her .