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Ted Galen Carpenter Writes :

” In an article over at CNN.com, I discuss a new study that confirms that the war on drugs is an expensive failure. That report from BMJ Open, an affiliate of the British Medical Journal, reaches the damning conclusion, supported by compelling evidence, that drug warriors have consistently failed to achieve their stated objectives.

Among other findings, the report documents that inflation-adjusted and purity-adjusted prices of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin have all decreased dramatically since 1990. That was true in such geographically distinct areas as Europe, the United States, and Australia. In other words, illegal drugs are plentiful and cheap around the world, and there is no indication that the trend is likely to change.

We need to recognize that our second fling with prohibition, this time with respect to such drugs as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, hasn’t worked any better than the first. Indeed, the current version has led to even worse consequences. It is well past time to terminate the futile, disastrous war on drugs. The BMJ Open study gives an abundance of new evidence why the United States needs to set a good example and lead the world away from the folly of drug prohibition.”











Torture, Murder, and Terror: Three Drug War Programs Your Taxes Pay For





” When’s the last time you heard someone argue that we need to raise taxes to fund torture? Or to pay for violent paramilitary raids on peaceful U.S. citizens? Or to incentivize extrajudicial killings carried out by our own government, yes, but also by a neighboring country? Probably never. As every good citizen knows, taxes are for taking care of the poor and the indigent, paying (good) teachers and (good) cops, investing in the future, and making sure the elderly have enough Viagra and cat food to fuel 25 years of post-workforce bingo, golf, and unprotected sex.

But it’s also the case that your taxes pay for unquestionably vile things. Incontrovertibly evil things. Plainly awful things. If you’re finishing up your taxes today, you should know that the U.S. will spend $14.7 billion of next year’s $25.4 billion drug control budget on government-sponsored violence; which means that your tax dollars—even if it’s just a fraction of a cent—will make possible acts of state-sponsored terror, torture, and murder. 

Here are three ways the government is spending your taxes.



Now lets us celebrate the wonders of the ” workers paradise ” . Behold the plentiful food ,

the fabulous living conditions ,

The many employment opportunities , in the security services of course

The world class medical care

The freedom to worship as one chooses

The freedom To speak one’s mind

The freedom to assemble

  All this and more are yours if you just close your mind , take hold of the government’s er, the left’s hand and march forward . This really is the “worker’s paradise” that wasn’t , yet an astonishing number of prominent leaders , students , teachers , celebrities and ill-informed people in the western world , despite voluminous evidence to the contrary , are of the opinion that if they were given the power that they would get it right and all would be rainbows and unicorns .

It would be laughable if one didn’t ponder the 100 million plus individuals who paid the ultimate price for this glorious experiment of the ” worker’s paradise ” .

Next up the  the brutal price of ” Glorious Socialism