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VIDEO: Watch ‘Megadeth’ Frontman Mock Obama’s ‘F$#@ing Mom Jeans’ Onstage





” Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine was caught on video by a fan at their April 19 concert in Tucson, Arizona, mocking President Obama’s penchant for wearing “mom jeans.” And he used some rather colorful language in doing so…

“Imagine if I was your president… Oh boy! I’ll tell you what – there would be no f**king mom jeans on this guy!” “

IJR has more

Mr. Cool

I shamelessly glommed this from Reason’s Matt Welch . Who quotes the good professor :                                 

“I can’t really improve on Glenn Reynolds’ reaction:


The raids on marijuana clinics?

The opposition to gay marriage?

The drone attacks?

The Mom Jeans?  “

Tres tres cool, et tres tres chic

But what I really want to know is , Just when did we come to value ” cool ” over competence ? There was a time when being good at your job was an invaluable trait . Now it seems it is more important to be liked than skilled . Water circling the drain … down we go