It Looks Like An Awesome Box Of Money. When You Take A Closer Look, It’ll Seriously Blow Your Mind



See how this block of wood …


He glued the pieces of pine together as a base.



Becomes “Old Money”  …




” A skill like woodworking takes years and thousands of hours to become more than just a proficient at, but this man invested that time to be a certifiable master. His name is Randall Rosenthal and he has talent that can result in mind-bending illusions. The project in the gallery below all started with three pieces of white pine he glued together. What he turned that block of wood into is so cool.”




And while we are talking money and art , have a look at this “Money Tree” …



These wishing trees are actually called money trees, as well.




” They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but I’m willing to guess that “they” never saw these kinds of trees before. Look closely at these trunks. Do they look a little strange to you? They should. Thousands of strangers all over the UK have been working together to create these “wishing trees,” by getting rid of some spare change.”



That's because there are thousands of coins literally hammered into the bark.



ViralNova has more on both “Old Money” and the “Money Tree” … Enjoy