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Mr Alton Nolen … aka Jah’Keem Yisrael



” Moore is a municipality that lies between Norman, where a dear friend of mine lives, and Oklahoma City, which I know reasonably well. I can’t claim to know Moore other than to drive through, but I do remember the water tower emblazoned with “Moore – Home of Toby Keith”. Can’t get more American than that, can you?

  Colleen Hufford was born in 1960. Life is full of grim twists and cruel vicissitudes, but in mid-20th century America it would not have occurred to anyone that one needed to worry about going to work and being beheaded by a colleague. Yet that’s what happened to Ms Hufford on Thursday: She turned up for her job at at the Vaughan Foods food processing plant in Moore, and Alton Alexander Nolen decapitated her.

  Why would he do that? Well, as the initial reports were at pains to assure us, it’s nothing to do with terrorism. That’s true, in the sense that Mr Nolen is not a card-carrying member of an officially credentialed state-recognized terrorism-provider such as ISIS or al-Qaeda. It’s true in the sense that he’s not on any official US Department of Homeland Security terror watch list, because, under the geniuses running American national security, that honor is reserved for my fellow Hillsdale cruiser Steve Hayes. And, of course, it’s also true in the sense that Mr Nolen is a recent convert to Islam and, as David Cameron and Barack Obama and many others are ever more eager to emphasize, terrorism is nothing to do with Islam. Mr Nolen had the Muslim greeting “As-salamu Alaikum” – “Peace be upon you” – tattooed upon his abdomen. And he’d tried, without success, to persuade his co-workers at Vaughan Foods to convert to Islam. So he wasn’t just mildly Islamic in the nothing-to-do-with-terrorism sense, he was super-Islamic in the really-totally-no-terrorism-to-see-here sense.

  So Colleen Hufford’s death was, as Jim Hoft put it, just “a random workplace beheading“. Indeed, many commenters at KOCO-TV seem more outraged by the mentioning of Mr Nolen’s religion than by the beheading:

Truth is, Islam has nothing to do with it. And Christians are far from innocent.

What does his religion have to do with this tragedy???

What does his religious faith have to do with this story?

Why would you even through in anything about terrorism in this story? The writer of this story is a true DUMBASS! “



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Attorney For Moore Police Officer Shares New Details On In-Custody Death


Luis Rodriguez



” New details were revealed Wednesday night on a key piece of evidence involving a metro man who died in police custody. News 9 showed cell phone video of part of the incident. Now, we’re learning what’s in a second video that shows the entire thing.

  Luis Rodriguez died Feb. 15 after a family fight in the parking lot of the Warren Theater in Moore. His wife took cell phone video of some of the police involvement and now the attorney for one of the Moore officers explains what he saw in the theater’s surveillance video.

” We have nothing to hide,” said attorney Scott Adams.

  Adams is representing Moore Police Officer Ryan Minnard. Adams says he watched the surveillance video with Moore Police’s Internal Affairs Division when they interviewed Minnard.

” Officer Minnard walks up, says, ‘Hey we are investigating a crime here, need your identification.’ Subject refuses, starts to take off, gets into a fighting stance,” said Adams.”


   Luis Rodriguez is dead because he refused to identify himself and things escalated from there but according to the “Know Your Rights” there are 27 states that have passed “stop and identify” laws , and Oklahoma is not on that list . The entire issue is very murky and surrounded by controversy due to the vagueness of term detention and the laws vary by state and at times are overruled by federal law so it is a nightmare of confusion to know exactly where you stand with regards to the demand “papers please” .


File:States with Stop and Identify Laws.png

The states in red have “stop and identify” laws on the books

     According to other sources you are not required to provide ID unless you are under arrest , which Mr Rodriguez plainly wasn’t until after he refused to provide his ID and attempted to walk away . Unfortunately as with all things involving the authorities , they are free to do as they please and we must fight them after the fact , an admittedly difficult task when one considers the complicity of the courts .



” In the United States, interactions between police and citizens fall into three general categories: consensual (“contact” or “conversation”), detention (often called a Terry stop, afterTerry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968)), or arrest. “Stop and identify” laws pertain to detentions.”



    For a better idea of exactly how difficult it is to know your rights during a police interaction read this . Regardless of the individual laws and whether the Moore police were correct in their behavior the fact remains that a father is dead a woman widowed and a child is fatherless because of a family spat , all at the hands of the State .

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No Moore: Obama Flubs Name Of Oklahoma City Devastated By Tornado, Calls It ‘Monroe’




” During his visit to the Jersey Shore with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Tuesday, President Obama referred to the wrong city in Oklahoma devastated by a tornado last week.

Even though Mr. Obama had just visited the city of Moore, Okla. Sunday and toured the path of destruction the tornado left, in remarks in Asbury Park, New Jersey Tuesday he sent a shout-out to the victims in Monroe, Okla., which is more than 200 miles to the east of Moore.

“You can count on the fact that you won’t be alone. Your fellow citizens will be there for you. Just like we’ll be there for folks in Breezy Point and Staten Island, and obviously we’re going to be there for folks in Monroe, Okla.” “

Our “smartest president ever” adds to his ever-growing collection of idiotic gaffs













Toby Keith Speaks Out About Tornado Devastation In His Hometown



Toby speaks to Anderson Cooper on a second video here .











The Looking Spoon

An Oklahoma teacher's

Before/After Oklahoma Tornado Pictures Capture Devastation (LIVE UPDATES)


” The tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 20 left many dead and injured, a school destroyed and a community to pick up the pieces.

While rescue workers are still in the process of assessing the damage, President Obama already declared Monday’s tornado to be one of the most destructive in U.S. history.

The National Weather Service gave the tornado a preliminary ranking of EF4, which puts it in the second most powerful category. According to the Associated Press, the twister was an estimated two miles wide with winds up to 200 mph.

Below are images showing what the Moore area looked like before the twister hit, and the tragic destruction that soon followed.”





4. Plaza Towers Elementary School














See Them All Here














” Lizz Winstead, comedian and creator of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” was heavily criticized after jokingly saying Monday’s deadly tornado in Oklahoma had “been ordered to only target conservatives.

“This tornado is in Oklahoma so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives,” she tweeted.”

Mile-Wide Tornado Hits Oklahoma City Suburb, Killing at Least 51





” A massive, mile-wide tornado touched down in Moore, Oklahoma Monday afternoon, killing at least 51 people, including 20 children. A reporter from local news station KFOR supposedly called it “the biggest, most destructive tornado in the history of the world,” and estimated it was two to three times the magnitude of the massive tornados that hit Oklahoma in 1999.”









24 Students Presumed Dead: Plaza Towers Elementary After Tornado


“As many as 24 children, kindergarten through third grade are presumed dead at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Tornado savaged Moore, Oklahoma, local media is reporting.

Just an hour earlier, several children were pulled out of rubble alive during active search and rescue at Plaza Towers, the Associated Press reported.”

Awful … just awful