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First Video ‘Of NYPD Undercover Cop At Scene Of Brutal Road Rage Attack’ As It’s Claimed He ‘Went Rogue’ And ‘Forgot What Side Of The Law He Was On’





” The first video that appears to show an undercover cop charged for taking part in the brutal gang bike attack on a family in their SUV, can be revealed today.

It comes amid claims that he may have ‘gone rogue’ after spending too long undercover, according to a report.”


Cop Attacking SUV


” Detective Wojciech Braszczok may have become so immersed in his cover story that he forgot himself when he allegedly took part in the assault, suggested a DNAinfo source.

In an echo of films like Donnie Brasco – in which an undercover cop feels the strain of his double life – Braszczok may have stepped over the line.

A source said: ‘Sometimes an undercover spends too much time in a role, becomes the character and forgets what side of the law he is on’.”




















More Footage Previous To Range Rover Incident





” A few videos pulled from the guy’s YouTube account which he has now removed because it shows the behavior of the group at what I believe is before the incident with the Range Rover found here.”



    Click the video above to be taken to the Liveleak page that contains all seven videos from the pulled Youtube account .











Pack Of Motorcyclists Beat Up SUV Driver After High-Speed Chase When He TWICE Ran Over Bikers In Bid To Escape With Wife And Child


NYC Motorcyclists


” Video has emerged showing the shocking moment a Range Rover driver apparently drove through a crowd of motorbikes as it fled with its family inside for fear of being attacked.

According to police, the bikers started to damage the vehicle after the driver accidentally hit a motorcyclist.

Fearing for the safety of his wife and young child, aged under five, the SUV driver then sped off, hitting several bikers in it path.

The six-minute film shows the SUV hit another motorcyclist after it was chased by the pack of bikers.

The family are eventually brought to a standstill in Manhattan traffic and immediately bikers run in to attack the vehicle, smashing the driver’s window and attempting to smash the rear door window.”